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Anemia – Increasing Red Blood Cells

David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes and one of his secrets was increasing his red blood cell count through a number of methods.  I did a little research and found out that Don Quai and the supplement Hema-Plex (beets) help increase RBC.

Why is this important?  What are some of the things people claim help alleviate Herpes symptoms – oxygen, ozone, Valtrex, herbs, etc.  People attempt to get more of these items into the system through things like hyperbaric chambers, ozone IV, etc.  Or, people can attempt to have these items more effectively transported throughout the system by increasing the mechanism which transports these items through the body – Red Blood Cells.  These little powerhouses transport oxygen and assist with transporting nutrients throughout the body.  According to Wikipedia:

When erythrocytes undergo shear stress in constricted vessels, they release ATP which causes the vessel walls to relax and dilate so as to promote normal blood flow.[14]

When their hemoglobin molecules are deoxygenated, erythrocytes release S-nitrosothiols which also acts to dilate vessels,[15] thus directing more blood to areas of the body depleted of oxygen.

It has been recently demonstrated that erythrocytes can also synthesize nitric oxide enzymatically, using L-arginine as substrate, just likeendothelial cells.[16] Exposure of erythrocytes to physiological levels of shear stress activates nitric oxide synthase and export of nitric oxide,[17]which may contribute to the regulation of vascular tonus.

So, increasing red blood cells will not only transport more oxygen throughout the body assisting with the oxidation process (killing of viruses, bacteria, etc.), but will help dilate vessels and open up areas which may not be getting the oxygen they need.


Since taking two pills daily of Don Quai and a nightly Hema-plex a majority of my Herpes symptoms have disappeared – no more sharp pains in the groin region.  However, I did have initial complications with caffine and arthralgia.  Since nutrients are transported more efficiently and I normally drink 2-3 large coffees daily you can imagine what happened to my heart rate as that caffine began to course through my system.  Next was the Valtrex which I hated taking initially because it created arthritis like pains in my knuckles, shoulders, and any other site that had injury and swelling.  My right shoulder underwent serious pain, but it has been relieved by massage, Glucosamine-Condroitin-MSM, and Collagen.  Also remember that MSM/Sulfur is part of the Budwig Protocol that I find to be useful which also helps with oxygen transport.

There are other issues that need to be considered like getting too much iron in the system or too many red blood cells so proceed with caution as always.


A simple link that was posted to the Yahoo Miracle Mineral Supplement group and it brought all of the pieces together for me.

Sitting around thinking tonight I believe Herpes is a beneficial virus in that it is a personal health barometer.  Why do some people have a single outbreak and never have a reoccurance? How can we all have chickenpox and only a few people get Shingles?  What is it that causes an outbreak in people?  How can some people have 2-4 per year and why have I had continuous outbreaks every other day for the last 3 months?

Three months is an interesting timeframe as it is the point in time when I discovered “something” living in my intestines via my Doug Coil Rife Machine.  I thought I was waking up the herpes virus from dormancy via the coil which may still be correct, but what I was mainly doing was killing the fungus in my intestines with each Rife session.  For 2 months I have had diarrhea from Iodine and MMS all while my Rife intestine “hits” have been getting less and less, but still there.  Based on info from Know The Cause, as these fungi live and die they are releasing mycotoxins which are flooding my body.  This massive toxic release is keeping my body from being able to attack, suppress, and eliminate the herpes virus.

All of my recent research indicates that you MUST get to an alkaline state to eliminate cancer, viruses, bacteria, and now fungi.  For the last thee days I have been doing the Phase 1 diet described at Know The Cause and I’ve upped my Salt/C/Baking Soda.  I’m including lots of psyllium husk fiber to help remove the mycotoxins from my system.  I’ve stopped the MMS and Iodine until I can eliminate the fungus in my intestines, however, I’m quite confident they will help with the eventual elminiation of Herpes from my system based on earlier results.  The biggest problem has been that the MMS and Iodine were attacking the intestinal fungus causing massive die-off, mycotoxin release, diarrhea, and poor nutrition which has lead to my current state of daily outbreaks.

My daily “creeping” outbreak finally went to full blisters and was quite severe, however, after the regiment of the last 3 days I am clear – no more daily creeping outbreak. I am on a road to recovery and a future of very powerful health knowledge.  I may try the gut antifungal drug Nystatin as the MMS, Iodine, and Phase 1 diet will simply take too long to eliminate this fungus which has been with me for a very long time.  I believe that having this fungus in me is why I caught herpes in the first place as my immune system was ill prepared to handle it.

If you are having more than 1-2 outbreaks per year, you simply are not healthy and need to understand the fundamentals of  If you are only having 1-2 outbreaks per year then I recommend MMS/Iodine/Salt/C/Baking Soda to help you eliminate your Herpes.

Wow, 5 years of my personal research and probably $50 worth of products and you may be able to eliminate Herpes and any other cancer, virus, bacteria, or fungus from your system.  Throw in some Olive Leaf Extract and you have one hell of a biological war chest.  Once eliminated you need only look to your diet for the answers to your ailments.

It’s rather anti-climactic, but one I am thrilled to have discovered and am happy to share for free.  However, please consider a small donation via the link at the left.

To your health,
Ultimate Herpes Cure

Mushrooms (Host Defense)

Herpes is a virus and therefore, having an enhanced immune system will increase your ability to keep the virus in check.  With that I went hunting for an immune stimulator and found “New Chapter Organics Host Defense“.  It claims to increase Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by 300%.  I believe there is some truth to this as I have good success at remaining healthy while on these pills.  I currently take one of these every other weekday (MWF).

WARNING: A hyper immune system is not always a good thing.  If I take one of these pills every day for a week my throat will become very sore as if I have a cold and will continue until I stop taking these pills.  It’s a real catch-22 because you think you have a cold and so you take more immune boosters.  When in fact the cold is coming from your body attacking itself.

Tea Tree Oil

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Tea tree oil is great. You must have this in your medicine chest. If you are having an outbreak, it is very soothing and will remove the itch associated with Herpes. There is also some indication that tea tree oil my help break down the herpes virus, but the research is still inconclusive.

I highly recommend Tea Tree Oil be used in conjunction with liquid Licorice Root. If you are having an outbreak that includes blisters, first apply Licorice Root and then apply Tea Tree Oil. If your outbreak is extensive, avoid the licorice root as it will sting very badly, but the tea tree oil will help sooth it.

Aloe Vera

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Taking Aloe Vera pills internally cause me to have some of the worst acne every. In theory it was cleaning out my system and I was simply taking too much of it, but it didn’t really seem to help much with the Herpes outbreaks.

Update (1/20/08):
Aloe Vera is supposed to naturally reduce the acid in your stomach.  In order to reduce my overall PH levels, I am now taking Aloe Vera internally.  No major positive signs just yet, but I will keep you posted.


Aloe Vera gel seems to work pretty well. I’m not real sure about it, but I won’t risk using Licorice during the day due to the odor, so in order to have something on, I use aloe vera gel. Some users have commented on the success of antibacterial gel, but I’ve noticed that lots of those have Aloe Vera in them so there may be a correlation. Besides, if nothing else, it will keep your skin smooth and soft.

Liquid Licorice Root

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Licorice Root (available via Herb-Pharm, Whole Foods, or your local health food store for about $11/oz.) is said to inactivate the herpes virus.


Internally, I took a dropper full of Licorice Root orally under my tongue once a day for about 3 months with zero noticeable affect.

WARNING: Licorice Root can raise your blood pressure to deadly levels. I’d even be cautious with deglycerinized licorice.


Topically, I believe Licorice Root is probably about as close to a cure for Herpes as you can get. I have a small spray bottle that I keep in my bathroom and I spray my groin region and rub it in when there are signs of outbreak or shedding (slightly pink areas, itching, etc.). Since the virus will attempt to go around it, it is best to spray and work it into the entire region.

Update: I believe there is a synergistic effect when Licorice Root is used with Tea Tree Oil. The combination appear to work better than either one by themselves. The Tea Tree Oil has a sort of menthol effect of keeping the pores open so that the Licorice Root can be absorbed.

Update 11/1/07: See Current Experiements