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BHT – do not use!

Okay, it has been like 3 years since I used BHT to try and eliminate herpes and it created a hole in my ear – something called CNH.  It took 3 months of polysporin on my ear every day to fix the hole.  Here it is 3 years later and I took like 200mg and the hole in my ear immediately came back and I got light headed.  It has been like 3 months of a very painful ear and it is slowly closing up again.

My recommendation is to us monolaurin as it is far more effective with far fewer side effects.

Lauricidin (Monolaurin)

Sorry, it didn’t work. I went through two tubs of Lauricidin taking one scoop, twice a day for 3 months. Please see Coconut Oil for more details. Neither of these worked for me, however, understanding lipid coated virii may be helpful for future non-herpes infections like mono. Perhaps a good product to own just in case, but it won’t cure herpes.

Also, I have a very clean liver, due to numerous liver cleanses, which is capable of producing lots of bile. While taking Lauricidin my stool became very hard and I got seriously backed up. I would recommend a stool softener like Colace and perhaps a gentle laxative when taking Lauricidin.

Blood Root


Dear god, whatever you do, do not apply blood root to herpes. Similar to applying it to cancer it will create a large crater where it will kill the herpes on the very surface of the skin and leave you with nothing more than a horrific scar and a still a case of Herpes.

Bloodroot is good at finding infected cells and eliminating them.  However, it will not dive deep into your spinal cord in order to totally remove the herpes virus.

BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)


Report 1

Report 2

Yeah, don’t try this one at home. Just don’t do it, this is bad, bad stuff. From driving me mentally crazy to breaking down cartilage this stuff did not get along well with me. It will thin your blood and cause very weird things to happen when you bleed. The blood will be thin, light, and form a weird gelatinous ooze. However, it is just good to know about this stuff in regards to lippo encased virii.

So, BHT is supposed to strip off the lippo (fatty) enclosure of the herpes virus so that your immune system can identify it and eliminate it. Well, it may, but after having taken it for 3-6 months straight, it was having little to no effect. There is a lot to say here, so please read on.

I was taking 400-500mg two times each day in a capsule form which I made from powdered BHT. The stuff smells like it came right out of an oil refinery. I would attempt to take the pill with some form of oil so that it would break-down in the stomach. I used an Omega-3 flax seed oil. In the beginning the BHT would drive me absolutely crazy. I was angry, ADHD, and OCD all rolled into one. It is hard to explain, but I was simply crazy – BHT drove me insane.

However, my Chelation doctor got me some Hanso Kampo Minor Bupleurum Formula (Sho-saiko-to; Xiao chai hu tang) tea which is supposed to clean the liver. Literally, after one cup, my body was then able to digest BHT without the nasty side effects – amazing.

Skip forward a few weeks of me taking BHT every day. My left ear develops CNH and my dermatologist has no clue. He keeps injecting steroids.  I stop the BHT and put Polysporin on it twice a day for months until it heals.

And, at the end of it all, I was no closer to a cure for herpes.

Coconut Oil


Nope, didn’t work.  I tried many variations on Coconut Oil.  I was taking 1-2 tablespoons each night on top of ice cream – tasty.  I even mixed it with BHT and took it by the spoonful – blechk!  Coconut Oil and its reactive component Lauricidin are supposed to be similar to BHT in that they strip off the lipid envelope of fatty encased virii like herpes.  Some people claim a herpes cure taking 3-5 tablespoons of Coconut Oil daily.  Suffice it to say, Coconut Oil and Lauricidin did not work for me.

Additionally, I have “O Positive” blood.  According to “Eating Right 4 Your Type” I am supposed to avoid one thing and one thing only – Coconut Oil!!!  So, it may work for you, but it certainly did not work for me.

Finally, Coconut Oil is very high in saturated fat.  If you are taking 3-5 tablespoons a day, you are going to gain weight and probably have some pretty high blood pressure and blocked arteries.  Proceed with caution, but if you do proceed – please let us know how it goes.



Ah, I like zinc so much I hate to give it a bad name, but it does not do much for herpes. Don’t get me wrong, zinc is part of my regular routine and I believe it has greatly increased my immunity as I rarely get sick. That boosted immune system is a great thing when you are fighting herpes, but taking zinc or placing it on an outbreak won’t help a whole lot.

Most over the counter oral herpes products contain some form of zinc or another. You can put these on your outbreak all you want, but they won’t help as much as the other products.

Placing any over the counter herpes cure, like Abreva, on an outbreak won’t have much effect and you’ll burn through that $20 tube in no time. I’ve also crushed zinc tablets up and made a paste to apply – it didn’t help. And yes, I have tried Zicam (Zinc Gluconate) without any effect.


Again, taking zinc will not have any effect on a Herpes outbreak. It will help boost your immune system and provide men with a healthy prostate, but it won’t stop a herpes outbreak.  It may help shorten the cycle simply because you will have an enhanced immune system.  Also, taking 50mg of Zinc will make your stomach feel like you want to retch – so make sure you take it with food.

Tagamet HB (Cimtedine)


Tagamet HB (aka Cimetidine) works great at helping your outbreaks not be so bad. However, you can’t really take it for more than 1 month without your body adjusting to it.

Warning: Tagamet (Cimetidin) can interact with Valtrex and other Acyclovir drugs.

Update 12/9/08

Do not take Tagamet, instead use Aluminum Free Baking Soda

Colloidal Silver


I took 1-2 dropper fulls a day for 3 months with little to no effect other than a very sore chin as the body stores excess silver in the face.

Topically, it will certainly kill anything on the surface.

Orally, it will certainly kill stuff in your system.

Colloidal Silver is great at killing things on contact. However, putting this stuff into your body is not ideal. If you want to spray it on your arm pits before using deodorant, more power to you – you’ll smell fresh all day. Hoping it will cure herpes, not so much.

Additionally, you can make your own colloidal silver very easily, but the particles will not be small enough to be very effective.  However, the homemade stuff is great for topical applications.

more later

Coraphor & Dynamiclear


Yeah, basically about $0.0001 worth of copper-sulfate. They claim there are other herbs in there, but for $100 their profit margins are out of this world. It burns and it doesn’t work. Once again, Coraphor and Dynamiclear does not cure herpes. It may shorten the outbreak by 1-2 days, but liquid licorice root and tea tree oil are so much more superior it isn’t even funny. $30 worth of herbs will also go much further than $100 worth of Coraphor.

I’m so mad, Coraphor had so many negative posts about it that the company changed their name to Dynamiclear. If this isn’t enough evidence for you not to buy their product then feel free to be parted with your money.