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Enzyme Therapy

Read about Enzymes and read more about enzymes.

Then read this article.

Read about Protein Folding

Understand that a large portion of the cell’s nucleus is not just DNA, but proteins.

Also understand that proteins are everywhere even in the lipid coating surrounding our friends Herpes & Candida. An enzyme is a special type of protein that is like a key that can cause larger proteins to fold & unfold. As you age, your body slows down the production of enzymes and by supplementing, you can make an efficient use of the proteins in your diet and rebuild your nuclear protein stores. You can also speed up chemical reactions – like the destruction of foreign bodies in your system.

I am currently on a high-potency enzyme. I take 3 each night before bed as they can’t be mixed with food, otherwise, they just break down the food.

[UPDATE 5/14/13] After a week on 3 high potency (180,000 HUT each) each night before bed the lymph nodes in my right armpit became very sore so I cut back for a few days until the swelling went down and I’m starting back in at 2 per night. I’ve increased my exercise to attempt to flush the lymph system. Always listen to your body and throttle back anything that may be overloading your waste removal system.

My candida cleanse

This is how I initially treated candida, but I recommend reading the advice at The Candida diet, but avoid threelac and fivelac probiotic as these contain a soil bacteria which is not ideal for the stomach, just read the Amazon reviews.


Initially I took MagO7 to clean the colon wall and expose the candida. Next I did Aquaflora Candida High Potency 9, and Pure Candex enzyme to begin breaking down the candida. Then I added in Saccharomyces Boulardii probiotic, a normal probiotic, fiber, oregeno oil, monolaurin, and Caprylic Acid. I also take collagen from YouTheory to build up the elasticity of the colon wall and help fill the cells with protein.


First my symptoms got pretty harsh as I went through candida die-off which release lots of herpes virus into the system. But with lots of walking and drinking lots of water the symptoms subsided. Additionally, I got little water blisters all over the hands similar to athletes foot and it itches. This too goes away in time, but is a very clear indicator there is candida die-off.


There have been many more benefits to candida cleansing then just being able to reduce my Valtrex intake And reduce most of my herpes symptoms. I had a 2 year old swollen epididymis that went away, I can eat dairy, I can drink beer, it is all very interesting. Also, the cracks in my heels are all but gone.


I am far from cured of herpes, there are still some symptoms now and again, but far from anything I’ve suffered over the many, many years Of pain and anguish.


Best of luck

Oxygenated Magnesium (Mag O7 or Oxy-Powder)

Herpes is primarily a colon infection. The bacteria in the colon reproduce the virus faster and more effectively than human cells. This is one of the reasons MMS seemed to help, but there are far better ways to get a healyh colon. Oxygenated magnesium is a high powered colon cleanse that will promote the growth of health aerobic bacteria and not anaerobic. The oxygen will also assist with the elimination of any virus in the colon. I started out slow with 2 pills before bed and I’m ramping slowly to avoid any herx reactions. There will be a strong urge to eliminate by 9:30 am, but nothing uncontrollable.

Mixing this with the Budwig Protocol, getting lots of good yogurt, acidophillis, and increasing my red blood cell count has helped tremendously. I’m down to 500mg of Valtrex which previously was unheard of.

All in all it has only taken 7 years to get to where I am, but these things are working well for me and my post will become far fewer.

Best of luck to all.

[update 9/1/12]
Started having symptoms after a few weeks on Mag O7 and ran my Doug Coil at 1552 Hz over my back and my entire large and small colon are ringing off the charts so I immediately took baking soda and Humaworm Herpes Cleanse to minimize symptoms which work like magic.
What this means is that herpes is the worlds greatest hitchhiker and will climb inside any bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic to avoid a hostile environment. Thus, in order to kill it you must fight on its turf in an acidic environment. However, adding oxygen to an acidic environment neutralizes the acid and creates water. I have some theories, but I need to run some tests with valtrex, phosphoric acid, mag O7, herpes cleanse (pau d’arco), lots of fiber, collagen, and lots of water.

On a positive note, the cracks in my left heal are clearing up meaning the Mag O7 helped kill off some internal fungus. My sinus infection is pretty much gone, and I can eat dairy without a sinus flare up.

[update 1/29/13]
Talk about symbiotic, viruses hate oxygen, but candida thrives in oxygen. Candida and herpes are great friends. The MagO7 was actually helping the candida grow and is why my symptoms started to flare up toward the end. MagO7 is still good to cleanse the colon wall and expose the underlying candida so it can be killed by coconut oil, caprylic acid, olive leave, oregano oil, monolaurin.

BTW, the cracks in my left heal are gone, it is just a little dry. The sinuses are not 100%, but they are doing great.

Anemia – Increasing Red Blood Cells

David Blaine held his breath for 17 minutes and one of his secrets was increasing his red blood cell count through a number of methods.  I did a little research and found out that Don Quai and the supplement Hema-Plex (beets) help increase RBC.

Why is this important?  What are some of the things people claim help alleviate Herpes symptoms – oxygen, ozone, Valtrex, herbs, etc.  People attempt to get more of these items into the system through things like hyperbaric chambers, ozone IV, etc.  Or, people can attempt to have these items more effectively transported throughout the system by increasing the mechanism which transports these items through the body – Red Blood Cells.  These little powerhouses transport oxygen and assist with transporting nutrients throughout the body.  According to Wikipedia:

When erythrocytes undergo shear stress in constricted vessels, they release ATP which causes the vessel walls to relax and dilate so as to promote normal blood flow.[14]

When their hemoglobin molecules are deoxygenated, erythrocytes release S-nitrosothiols which also acts to dilate vessels,[15] thus directing more blood to areas of the body depleted of oxygen.

It has been recently demonstrated that erythrocytes can also synthesize nitric oxide enzymatically, using L-arginine as substrate, just likeendothelial cells.[16] Exposure of erythrocytes to physiological levels of shear stress activates nitric oxide synthase and export of nitric oxide,[17]which may contribute to the regulation of vascular tonus.

So, increasing red blood cells will not only transport more oxygen throughout the body assisting with the oxidation process (killing of viruses, bacteria, etc.), but will help dilate vessels and open up areas which may not be getting the oxygen they need.


Since taking two pills daily of Don Quai and a nightly Hema-plex a majority of my Herpes symptoms have disappeared – no more sharp pains in the groin region.  However, I did have initial complications with caffine and arthralgia.  Since nutrients are transported more efficiently and I normally drink 2-3 large coffees daily you can imagine what happened to my heart rate as that caffine began to course through my system.  Next was the Valtrex which I hated taking initially because it created arthritis like pains in my knuckles, shoulders, and any other site that had injury and swelling.  My right shoulder underwent serious pain, but it has been relieved by massage, Glucosamine-Condroitin-MSM, and Collagen.  Also remember that MSM/Sulfur is part of the Budwig Protocol that I find to be useful which also helps with oxygen transport.

There are other issues that need to be considered like getting too much iron in the system or too many red blood cells so proceed with caution as always.

Monolaurin (monolauricedin)

I take it back, this stuff is working great when taken 3-4 times a day.  However, you must have a clean liver and clean colon for it to work.  Since herpes infects the bacteria in the colon, monolaurin helps remove the lipid coating so the body can identify and eliminate the virus from the colon and liver.
Since starting additional great things have happened.  I had little moles all over my body and they became thin, burst, scabbed over and disappeared.  More than one benefit to monolaurin.
Also, I was having ‘ant bites’ on the privates, this stuff has helped reduce and eliminate those.
It is pricey, but you can get 21oz. On Amazon for about $50.

Valtrex, Famvir, and Acyclovir

How does Valtrex work and why would you want to take it daily?  First you need to understand how a cell works and how a virus works and realize that herpes is a lipid coated virus that reproduces through a Lysogenic Cycle and most likely exit the cell via “budding” or wrapped in portions of the cell.  More can be learned about herpes here as well. So, herpes can stay dormant in cell or many cells for years and at some point they all begin reproduction and millions or billions of herpes viruses are then release into the system overpowering the immune system and causing an outbreak or viral shedding.  The viral lipid coating and the “budding” of the virus makes it very difficult for the immune system to identify the virus and attack it allowing it to reproduce almost unchecked.

Along comes Acyclovir and later Valacyclovir which stays in the body longer.  This drug is taken up by infected cells, 100 times more so than healthy cells, and literally inserts itself into the herpes viral DNA chain which halts further reproduction by the herpes virus.  Thus, by taking even small doses of Valtrex daily the drug courses through your system looking for potentially infected cells and halting the future reproduction of the herpes virus.  Valtrex also interferes with free floating herpes viruses in the system rendering them harmless.

New research is discovering how to wake up the herpes virus as it lays dormant in your cells.  By waking up all of the herpes viruses as once and causing a massive explosion of herpes viruses from every infected cell you could then take massive doses of Valtrex which would render them all harmless and thus you would be cured.

However, even though infected cells are 100 times more likely to take up Valtrex that still leaves a lot of cells that may not take up the Valtrex and they will produce a cell full of millions of herpes viruses.  By having Valtrex coursing through your system on a regular basis you can potentially stop any free floating herpes viruses before they re-enter new cells and begin the process all over.

The question is just how much Valtrex do you need to take.  Before discovering the benefits of colon cleansing, liver cleansing, parasite cleansing and BSC (baking soda, sea salt, and vitamin C) I was taking 1000mg of Valtrex a day and I was still having terrible outbreaks about once a month.  At that dosage I also had terrible arthralgia in my shoulders, my hips, and my fingers.  I was incredibly sore and felt very old.  While cleansing I was taking 250mg Valtrex daily and I noticed zero symptoms.  Beginning today (2/18/09) I am going to maintain a regular maintenance dose of 125mg to 250mg per day.  At some point I may try 125mg or 250mg every other day.

Update (3/15/09):

The Valtrex is working very well, however, it has it’s pluses and minuses.  I am taking 250mg every day, but I began to get arthralgia in my right hip socket and it was very painful.  I stopped Valtrex for 2 days and had an immediate outbreak without any prodrome symptoms.  It started as a single red follicle and by the end of the day was a quarter sized patch.  However, as soon as I took 250mg of Valtrex it stopped and reversed.  Leave it up to the magical pharma companies to get you 100% hooked on their drugs.  My inability to go without a drug for 2 days makes Glaxo-Smith Klein my crack dealer and I’m their crack whore.  Luckily I’m at least reducing my dependency.

Additionally, since being on Valtrex for the last month, the vibrations in my left hip and left tail bone have certainly decreased when using my Doug Coil Rife machine.  I’ve mentioned in the past that the Doug Coil is great for detecting health issues, but I’m not sure it is very good at killing items as small as viruses.  However, I am now getting strong vibrations in my liver and the left lymphatic system indicating that this virus is being disposed of by the body, but it is stuck in these waste elimination systems.  This is why Bob Beck recommended the use of the magnetic pulser for herpes and that is why I use a Doug Coil machine.

For those that are interested, the frequency I use is 1552 Hz with a square wave.  1552 Hz certainly causes better vibrations than 1550 Hz.  Additionally, I use 532 Hz, 540 Ha, 541 Hz, and 832 Hz for herpes and 880 Hz for general health since 880 Hz is listed as helping over 300 ailments.

Update (3/24/09):

Unreal, I missed a single dose two days ago and I had a small outbreak this morning.  Nothing outrageous, just a small redenning this morning and a little bit of swelling this evening.  Not sure exactly how this is possible, but I will try to understand this better.

Update (5/25/09):

I just can’t do it anymore!  Almost 3 months into the Valtrex treatment at 250mg daily (1/4 of 1000mg pill) and the arthralgia is just too much to take.  Every single joint in my ankles, feet, hands, wrists, shoulders, everywhere simply ache way too much to take.  After reading about the Lysine I am going to try to go back to 6-8g/day and drop off of the Valtrex.  Now that my liver is clean, it should be able to process the lysine and keep the virus at bay until I can elminiate it.

On a positive note, I’ve been off of the Valtrex for 5 days and the Doug Coil Rife machine is not registering a growth in virus.  However, it usually takes about a week for the Valtrex to wear off.  My joints are certainly feeling better though.  If I do notice an increase in the intensity of the Rife “hits” then I may go to 250mg every other or every 3rd day.

Hopefully this is not important, but the lymph nodes in both of my arm pits are swelling up.  But there also seems to be another large stone stuck in my liver after my 14th liver cleanse – perhaps these are related.  The liver was a little sore this morning and my allergies were off the charts.

Update (6/3/09): Never just stop Valtrex like I just did.  I would recommend slowly coming off of it.  I had some of the worst OB pains ever in my hamstrings and actually in my femer bones just above and behind the knee.  Very painful.  It may have been related to the 6-10 grams of Lysine I was taking, but not sure.  I did of course have immediate outbreaks after beeing off the Valtrex for about 5 days, but my joints feel so much better. I was able to curb the OBs with lots of baking soda and zapping, but I really do not think the Lysine does much.  I reached tolerance with Lysine at about 10 grams/day and it still has little to no effect.  I will go back on Valtrex, but will try to turn it down to 125mg/day or every other day in order to avoid the joint pain.  I will also be doing 6-8g of Lysine a day.

However, Arginine (which Lysine interferes with) is the pre-cursor to growth hormone so long term usage of Lysine is probably not recommended.

At this point in time it seems like Valtrex and some ingredient in Paragone parasite cleanse are the only things that stop my outbreaks.

Update (4/21/2017): OK, reading some old posts here and the good thing in Paragone and Humaworm is Pau D’ Arco, see the post on my Holy Trinity pill recommendations.



Here is a great site on the benefits of Lysine for Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Lysine never worked for me, but it was probably because my liver was so congested.  I will certainly be going back to it as it appears it can be a good alternative to Valtrex.

Update (6/8/09):

Caution: Guess what happens when you take 6-10g of an amino acid?  You become very, very acidic.  After 5 days of being off Valtrex and doing 8-10g/day of Lysine I was in a major world of hurt.  Lower legs, lower back, pain into the bones, and a outbreaks.  Doing more research into Valtrex and Lysine prior to moving forward, but I am back on Valtrex.  I’m going to do 250mg until the joint pain returns and then back down to 125mg daily.

My understanding is that Valtrex does not stop the virus, but stops the human cell from reproducing the virus.  Lysine however may actually stop the virus from infecting cells.  Not sure how to get high doses of Lysine and remain alkaline.

Balancing your pH


I will say that a balanced pH has been the biggest help at reducing outbreaks.  As noted, I have type O blood and my system is crazy acidic.  I will hunt for the cause of that later, but for now I am using baking soda to maintain a pH neutral system between 7.4 and 7.6.

I was outbreak free for about 1 week and then I did some heavy binge drinking (note: heavy drinking makes you very acidic and alcohol may actually feed Candida).  The very next morning felt like a horse had kicked me in my lower spine, and the following day I had a minor outbreak.  I took 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in water 3 times that day and the outbreak resided.  It truely works wonders.  Again, at this point I am focusing on eliminating intestinal Candida/Fungus from my system before I attempt to kill herpes with MMS.  This is because MMS and Iodine cause massive diarrhea when there is fungus present.

Now, for some history.  Leave it up to your humble narrator to always go overboard.  When I heard about an alkaline system I tried a little baking soda, it didn’t hurt, so I then went crazy and was taking 1 tsp (3x) and my pH was well above 8.0.  When I tested my urine with the pH strip it was dark, dark blue.  During this time I also caught a cold or bacterial infection in my lungs and the more baking soda I took the worse off I got.  Whether it was a herx reaction or a bacteria I do not know.  I also started getting lots of muscle twitching and feeling very light headed.  So, I stopped the baking soda for a few days until my urine was acidic again and then started ramping up slowly.  I will take 1/4 tsp of baking soda (2x) to attempt to keep my pH between 7.4 and 7.6.  If I’m going to drink or eat a lot of carbohydrates I may take more.




A simple link that was posted to the Yahoo Miracle Mineral Supplement group and it brought all of the pieces together for me.

Sitting around thinking tonight I believe Herpes is a beneficial virus in that it is a personal health barometer.  Why do some people have a single outbreak and never have a reoccurance? How can we all have chickenpox and only a few people get Shingles?  What is it that causes an outbreak in people?  How can some people have 2-4 per year and why have I had continuous outbreaks every other day for the last 3 months?

Three months is an interesting timeframe as it is the point in time when I discovered “something” living in my intestines via my Doug Coil Rife Machine.  I thought I was waking up the herpes virus from dormancy via the coil which may still be correct, but what I was mainly doing was killing the fungus in my intestines with each Rife session.  For 2 months I have had diarrhea from Iodine and MMS all while my Rife intestine “hits” have been getting less and less, but still there.  Based on info from Know The Cause, as these fungi live and die they are releasing mycotoxins which are flooding my body.  This massive toxic release is keeping my body from being able to attack, suppress, and eliminate the herpes virus.

All of my recent research indicates that you MUST get to an alkaline state to eliminate cancer, viruses, bacteria, and now fungi.  For the last thee days I have been doing the Phase 1 diet described at Know The Cause and I’ve upped my Salt/C/Baking Soda.  I’m including lots of psyllium husk fiber to help remove the mycotoxins from my system.  I’ve stopped the MMS and Iodine until I can eliminate the fungus in my intestines, however, I’m quite confident they will help with the eventual elminiation of Herpes from my system based on earlier results.  The biggest problem has been that the MMS and Iodine were attacking the intestinal fungus causing massive die-off, mycotoxin release, diarrhea, and poor nutrition which has lead to my current state of daily outbreaks.

My daily “creeping” outbreak finally went to full blisters and was quite severe, however, after the regiment of the last 3 days I am clear – no more daily creeping outbreak. I am on a road to recovery and a future of very powerful health knowledge.  I may try the gut antifungal drug Nystatin as the MMS, Iodine, and Phase 1 diet will simply take too long to eliminate this fungus which has been with me for a very long time.  I believe that having this fungus in me is why I caught herpes in the first place as my immune system was ill prepared to handle it.

If you are having more than 1-2 outbreaks per year, you simply are not healthy and need to understand the fundamentals of  If you are only having 1-2 outbreaks per year then I recommend MMS/Iodine/Salt/C/Baking Soda to help you eliminate your Herpes.

Wow, 5 years of my personal research and probably $50 worth of products and you may be able to eliminate Herpes and any other cancer, virus, bacteria, or fungus from your system.  Throw in some Olive Leaf Extract and you have one hell of a biological war chest.  Once eliminated you need only look to your diet for the answers to your ailments.

It’s rather anti-climactic, but one I am thrilled to have discovered and am happy to share for free.  However, please consider a small donation via the link at the left.

To your health,
Ultimate Herpes Cure