Valtrex, Famvir, and Acyclovir

How does Valtrex work and why would you want to take it daily?  First you need to understand how a cell works and how a virus works and realize that herpes is a lipid coated virus that reproduces through a Lysogenic Cycle and most likely exit the cell via “budding” or wrapped in portions of the cell.  More can be learned about herpes here as well. So, herpes can stay dormant in cell or many cells for years and at some point they all begin reproduction and millions or billions of herpes viruses are then release into the system overpowering the immune system and causing an outbreak or viral shedding.  The viral lipid coating and the “budding” of the virus makes it very difficult for the immune system to identify the virus and attack it allowing it to reproduce almost unchecked.

Along comes Acyclovir and later Valacyclovir which stays in the body longer.  This drug is taken up by infected cells, 100 times more so than healthy cells, and literally inserts itself into the herpes viral DNA chain which halts further reproduction by the herpes virus.  Thus, by taking even small doses of Valtrex daily the drug courses through your system looking for potentially infected cells and halting the future reproduction of the herpes virus.  Valtrex also interferes with free floating herpes viruses in the system rendering them harmless.

New research is discovering how to wake up the herpes virus as it lays dormant in your cells.  By waking up all of the herpes viruses as once and causing a massive explosion of herpes viruses from every infected cell you could then take massive doses of Valtrex which would render them all harmless and thus you would be cured.

However, even though infected cells are 100 times more likely to take up Valtrex that still leaves a lot of cells that may not take up the Valtrex and they will produce a cell full of millions of herpes viruses.  By having Valtrex coursing through your system on a regular basis you can potentially stop any free floating herpes viruses before they re-enter new cells and begin the process all over.

The question is just how much Valtrex do you need to take.  Before discovering the benefits of colon cleansing, liver cleansing, parasite cleansing and BSC (baking soda, sea salt, and vitamin C) I was taking 1000mg of Valtrex a day and I was still having terrible outbreaks about once a month.  At that dosage I also had terrible arthralgia in my shoulders, my hips, and my fingers.  I was incredibly sore and felt very old.  While cleansing I was taking 250mg Valtrex daily and I noticed zero symptoms.  Beginning today (2/18/09) I am going to maintain a regular maintenance dose of 125mg to 250mg per day.  At some point I may try 125mg or 250mg every other day.

Update (3/15/09):

The Valtrex is working very well, however, it has it’s pluses and minuses.  I am taking 250mg every day, but I began to get arthralgia in my right hip socket and it was very painful.  I stopped Valtrex for 2 days and had an immediate outbreak without any prodrome symptoms.  It started as a single red follicle and by the end of the day was a quarter sized patch.  However, as soon as I took 250mg of Valtrex it stopped and reversed.  Leave it up to the magical pharma companies to get you 100% hooked on their drugs.  My inability to go without a drug for 2 days makes Glaxo-Smith Klein my crack dealer and I’m their crack whore.  Luckily I’m at least reducing my dependency.

Additionally, since being on Valtrex for the last month, the vibrations in my left hip and left tail bone have certainly decreased when using my Doug Coil Rife machine.  I’ve mentioned in the past that the Doug Coil is great for detecting health issues, but I’m not sure it is very good at killing items as small as viruses.  However, I am now getting strong vibrations in my liver and the left lymphatic system indicating that this virus is being disposed of by the body, but it is stuck in these waste elimination systems.  This is why Bob Beck recommended the use of the magnetic pulser for herpes and that is why I use a Doug Coil machine.

For those that are interested, the frequency I use is 1552 Hz with a square wave.  1552 Hz certainly causes better vibrations than 1550 Hz.  Additionally, I use 532 Hz, 540 Ha, 541 Hz, and 832 Hz for herpes and 880 Hz for general health since 880 Hz is listed as helping over 300 ailments.

Update (3/24/09):

Unreal, I missed a single dose two days ago and I had a small outbreak this morning.  Nothing outrageous, just a small redenning this morning and a little bit of swelling this evening.  Not sure exactly how this is possible, but I will try to understand this better.

Update (5/25/09):

I just can’t do it anymore!  Almost 3 months into the Valtrex treatment at 250mg daily (1/4 of 1000mg pill) and the arthralgia is just too much to take.  Every single joint in my ankles, feet, hands, wrists, shoulders, everywhere simply ache way too much to take.  After reading about the Lysine I am going to try to go back to 6-8g/day and drop off of the Valtrex.  Now that my liver is clean, it should be able to process the lysine and keep the virus at bay until I can elminiate it.

On a positive note, I’ve been off of the Valtrex for 5 days and the Doug Coil Rife machine is not registering a growth in virus.  However, it usually takes about a week for the Valtrex to wear off.  My joints are certainly feeling better though.  If I do notice an increase in the intensity of the Rife “hits” then I may go to 250mg every other or every 3rd day.

Hopefully this is not important, but the lymph nodes in both of my arm pits are swelling up.  But there also seems to be another large stone stuck in my liver after my 14th liver cleanse – perhaps these are related.  The liver was a little sore this morning and my allergies were off the charts.

Update (6/3/09): Never just stop Valtrex like I just did.  I would recommend slowly coming off of it.  I had some of the worst OB pains ever in my hamstrings and actually in my femer bones just above and behind the knee.  Very painful.  It may have been related to the 6-10 grams of Lysine I was taking, but not sure.  I did of course have immediate outbreaks after beeing off the Valtrex for about 5 days, but my joints feel so much better. I was able to curb the OBs with lots of baking soda and zapping, but I really do not think the Lysine does much.  I reached tolerance with Lysine at about 10 grams/day and it still has little to no effect.  I will go back on Valtrex, but will try to turn it down to 125mg/day or every other day in order to avoid the joint pain.  I will also be doing 6-8g of Lysine a day.

However, Arginine (which Lysine interferes with) is the pre-cursor to growth hormone so long term usage of Lysine is probably not recommended.

At this point in time it seems like Valtrex and some ingredient in Paragone parasite cleanse are the only things that stop my outbreaks.

Update (4/21/2017): OK, reading some old posts here and the good thing in Paragone and Humaworm is Pau D’ Arco, see the post on my Holy Trinity pill recommendations.


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  1. The duke research will never become a real cure. Univ. of Florida researchers are already far ahead of them and have developed a cure that actually stops viral replication (it does the opposite of what duke does, it puts the virus to sleep, forever). They have demonstrated it works on animals but have said no one is interested in funding their clinical trials.

    Why? Most research is funded by grants from the NIH (government) and other charities and universities however DRUG development is only funded by drug companies. Since drug companies are concerned about the bottom line and not eradicating disease they are not interested in drugs you would only have to take once. Right now 2 of the worlds biggest (glaxo and novartis) market drugs you have to take every day to keep herpes away. These drugs sell at $5+ a pill , even generic famvir is over $500 a month. Why would they waste time developing something that would cut into this hugely profitable market. Drug companies are only interested in TREATMENTS and NOT cures!

    These 2 cures will likely sit on the shelf forever and never lead to any useful drug to eradicate the herpes virus.

    [Support] Thank you for the update. I am in complete agreement and that is why I am trying every alternative option out there and posting my findings on this site. To date this is a very good summary of information and worth your time – However, I’ve led a LOT of horses to water recently and they simply aren’t thirsty enough yet. But in time they will all come back to this particular watering hole.

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