Calcium? – Revised to Calcium! (11/1/09)


Warning, having a chronically low pH will cause issues with protein digestion.  Low HCl levels in your stomach (cause by baking soda and calcium) will hamper the digestion of protiens.  Again, I’m not a doctor, just someone who is experimenting on myself and finding what helps me personally deal with this horrific disease.  I try to share what I have done for the benefit of all.  Your mileage will vary.


Calcium is starting to look very promising.  Based on the posts below I got a great comment that said Calcium had helped during a broken collar bone.  This caused me to revisit the idea and the earlier posts.  It is all making great sense now.  Calcium also greatly helps maintain an alkaline system.  Quick review of the facts so far:

  1. Omega-3 oils must first be broken down by sulfur (yogurt, cottage cheese, or MSM) in order to be used by the body (See Budwig Protocol).
  2. Omega-3/6 oils help transport calcium through the body and aid in its absorption, “Clinical studies suggest that omega-3 fatty acids such as EPA help increase levels of calcium in the body, deposit calcium in the bones, and improve bone strength. In addition, studies also suggest that people who are deficient in certain essential fatty acids (particularly EPA and gamma-linolenic acid [GLA], an omega-6 fatty acid) are more likely to suffer from bone loss than those with normal levels of these fatty acids.
  3. Calcium aids in the transport and uptake of oxygen by the cells
  4. Oxygen rich environments are not tolerated by viruses
  5. Calcium and Oxygen free radicals are damaging to cells.
  6. Red blood cells require Calcium in order to absorb Oxygen (pH above 6.5, but below 8.0)
  7. Calcium is a great alkalizer and does not have the issues of raising blood pressure like Baking Soda.
  8. Broken bones can benefit from the homeopathic medicine “Symphytum”

So, my current experiment is to increase my available calcium while taking MMS.  The idea being that Calcium will cause the herpes virus to be expelled from the infected cells where Oxygen or MMS will kill them.  The high concentration of calcium should also keep the herpes virus from entering new cells.


  1. 2 times a day take Omega-3 fish or krill oil with yogurt or MSM (MSM, not MMS) along with  liquid Calcium Magnesium Citrate
    1. The sulfur in MSM will break down the Omega-3 to help transport the calcium through the body
    2. The calcium transport will help increase the oxygen transport and absorption.
  2. Take Symphytum to increase the body’s ability to absorb the calcium
  3. Take MMS (yes MMS) 1-2 times per day to kill any free floating herpes virus

So far the calcium alone is keeping my pH well in the alkaline area even though I have increased my soda and coffee consumption

Some good progress is being.  I am feeling what I label the “Donkey Kick” at the base of my spine right in my tailbone.  It basically feels like someone has hit me in the tailbone with a sledgehammer.  I am doing the above protocol 2 times a day as excess calcium in the body is not a good thing and can lead to hardening of the arteries and kidney stones.  This is a slow and steady race that needs to be won.  I am also on 500mg daily of Valtrex to keep the virus from replicating while I try to kill what is remaining in the system.

My pH is still alkaline even though I’m eating meat, drinking coffee, drinking alcohol, and doing all the things I shouldn’t be doing.  I’m no longer taking baking soda to alkalize my pH.


I need your help interpreting these results.  I’ve read these articles again and I can’t really tell what they are saying, but here is my interpretation.

This article indicates that when the herpes virus enters the cell there is an immediate release of calcium ions (Ca2+) from the cell (written in 2003):

This article indicates that by adding hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) to the system we increase the amount of available calcium ions (Ca2+) which causes an increase in the release of the herpes virus and the number of dead cells (written in 2006):

Now follow me for a moment:

If the herpes virus enters a cell and pushes out calcium, then it would make sense that by forcing calcium into the cell it would eject the herpes virus and potential cause cell death.

Many people claim that hydrogen peroxide therapy caused horrible outbreaks for them, but those that stuck with it were able to cure themselves of herpes.  This would highlight why that may be the case.  However, in order to force calcium to enter the cell you must get a high enough concentration outside of the cell to cause osmosis into the cell.  Also, once you force out a lot of herpes virus you need to kill it before it continues on and does what it does so well.

I will work on an experiment of calcium supplementation, hydrogen peroxide, and Valtrex to see if I can forcefully eject the herpes viruses out of the cells into the system where they will be rendered harmless by the Valtrex and possibly MMS.  However, MMS and calcium would potentially produce calcium chloride and lots of oxygen  (CaCl2 + 4 O2), but calcium chloride is hygroscopic which would in turn absorb moisture out of your system.  This will be an interesting chemical mix to say the least and should not be attempted by anybody until I am able to first test it out on myself.

Update (3/7/09):

I’ve been thinking more about this and I think I have figured out why herpes is so hard to kill – the virus behaves like coral.  Using my Doug Coil Rife machine I get a very definite hit in the left side of my tailbone.  At that spot I have noticed a calcium build-up, there is a boney bump on the left side of my tailbone.  This would make sense as the herpes viruse infects a cell, calcium ions are ejected and form a coral like build-up around the colony.  Since the critters live in your nerves along the spine they begin to develop colonies just like coral in the ocean.  Since Valtrex certainly does not penetrate into bone it is incredibly difficult to kill the viruses that live deep within the colony.  As you age and the upper levels of the coral are broken off and absorbed by your body the dormant viruses at the bottom are eventually released and you are infected once again.

With that, I do not believe that excessive calcium in the system will force the herpes virus back out of the cell.  This bug is obviously very comfortable in a calcium rich environment.  However, the above study would seem to indicate otherwise.  I’m also not sure how hydrogen peroxide in the body causes calcium release.  I do know that an acidic system causes the body to release calcium as it tries to neutralize the acid, but H2O2 is not an acid.

But, if H2O2 does cause a release of calcium ions which cause a release of herpes virus from cells and oxygenation kills viruses, then there may be a lot more to the H2O2 cure for herpes than I first figured back in 9/2007 based on research I had personally done back in 2005.

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  1. I had a just come to your site. I had a naturopatic Dr.tell me to take calcium. I have a few more months. 6in total. The required amount for calcium is 1000 perday. You should also look at what the guy who wrote about his collarbone. CALCIUM PHOSPHATE. There are salt tablets that actually hit the nerves and absorbed by the bone. There are also vitamins that are ph balanced. Stay away from all Vitamin C during the process. The colloidal silver interfers w/the treatment.
    What is your status as of now? Your last posting seems old.

    Fyi, the naturopathic doc was referred to me by a Western MD who is a friend of mine. She says she would drop the whole racket but she invested too much money already.
    The naturopathic doc told me that in the 80’s this was discovered. Ohio state Uvi brought the info to the FDA. They took the notes, a year or two later alcyvicor was out.
    I hope we get rid of this. I just got it on Xmas. What a horrible present.

  2. Very informative site! I’ve spent hours reading your posts and really appreciate the effort that has been taken to research and document your methods. Pardon my forwardness but I could not help wondering that you are making one fundamental mistake in your (otherwise excellent!) approach. Dealing with herpes *has* to take one of two approaches, either send the virus to sleep (suppress) or get rid of it (eliminate). I notice that you sometimes combine both which means results can cancel each other out (IMHO!). Suppressing involves reducing the number of outbreaks while eliminating involves forcing the virus out (initial increase in outbreaks). There’s loads online about both approaches, google “Christiana Dayling” and “nonexist” for ideas on the elimination approach and “Nathalie Foy” for suppression to see how they compare with what you’ve researched. The only reason I mention them is that they’ve had success by focussing on just one approach. Christiana Dayling (had vanished for a while but has suddenly showed up again) and nonexist (this is a poster who shows up on a lot of forums) both actually encourage outbreaks. Perhaps this is something to factor in your method? I think you are almost there! Excellent work. The more information out there, the better!

  3. I was prescribed calcium phosphate tissue salt tablets 4X daily for assistance in healing a broken collarbone. After taking these for 6 months I was surprised to find all herpes symptons had disappeared and have been able to stop taking Valtrex which I had been quite seriously dependent on for several years.

  4. I too experienced this coral deposit build-up on my tailbone after treatment with high dose valtrex combined with calcium + omega-3 molecule branch chain traetment for herpes, which was in conjunction with H2O2 (Hydrogen Peroxide) IV drip treatment. This was very perplexing to my team, so the changed my treatment with high dose intravenous feed of the same combination from the Doug Coil Rife machine. This reduced the coral deposit by breaking it up into pieces, but the pieces were still active with HPV1 and HPV2 virus which caused severe ourbreaks all over my body and in my mouth, anus and all orfices of my body. It was very painful, so I don’t recommend this treatment to anyone… I have another idea that I am spinning around in my head at this very moment, I’m so excited about it, my tailbone is tingly right now… but it is not a complete idea as yet, so I will wait to share it with you guys… Cant wait!!

  5. I know of a website combining colloidal silver and hydrogen pyroxide in a nebulizer (kill pathogens in the lungs) and was told by wellness doctors the quality of col silv was their concern before approval. Your information interest me with my personal experiences leaving me to ask more questions to my pharmaceutical research support team… With prior auto injuries, since my last auto accident in 1993 I have tried to consume both a high calcium diet because increasing oral calcium/magnesium did little to raise serum calcium. Then taking proactive measures of high dose therapeutic IV’s (calcium, magnesium, 10grams Vit C, etc. I am left to ask what is missing when my serum calcium drops and I am faced with a pattern of candidis taking oral dose increases. My IV’s have helped to curtain painful herpes outbreaks of which they had become continuous with one outbreak in the hospital internal and external feet to head blisters. In less than three days I had not pain or blisters and was off round the clock respiratory care with my own remedy of GSE concentrate oil taken internally by pills. I currently battle acidity with mega treatments only a short term fix each time. At one time I had a bony deposit on the end of my tailbone which was painful and a mystery to my practitioners as they were able to address this problem. My skeletal is above normal strong while serum is in the 5’s when it should at least be in the 9’s. I am grateful to have read your notes…thank you.

    [SUPPORT] Best of luck increasing your calcium. Please see the posts on the Budwig Protocol. Omega-3 transports Calcium which transports Oxygen. Fix one and the rest will follow.

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