Vitamin C


Use caution – aka ascorbic acid. I was taking 1000-3000mg/day. No wonder I was having such a hard time with my outbreaks in the beginning. You need Vitamin C, just be cautious and take an antacid a bit later.  Please read my section on a low acid diet to understand this in more detail.

I truly believe that bacteria thrive in basic environments and viruses thrive in acidic environments.  This is why our bodies are able to bounce back and forth between the two states.  I believe Linus Pauling saw great results in patients with bad bacterial infections, he was simply increasing their blood acidity.  However, mega dosing on Vitamin C will only cause you massive amounts of herpes pain and certainly no cure.

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  1. Incidentally, I use this hand cream which contains bee propolis for my outbreaks. By far, it’s the most effective treatment I have ever found, stops itching and heals the outbreak within days. It’s also great for my hands, which is what it’s been created for. I have tried everything, and this is the most effective to date..
    Highly recommend Healing Leaf Eye of Newt. Very painful when applied to sensitive areas, but it works great. I apply it to my tailbone, back of thighs, and the groin (very painful if virus is present, not so painful the next day or two…very strange)

  2. This is the only reference online I could find about how harmful Vitamin C could be for outbreaks. After reading up on how much it could help, I started taking it as a precautionary, even though I hadn’t had an outbreak in a year. Within 5 days of taking it, I’m left with the worst outbreak I have had in 5 years. At least I know your site is totally legit, because you found out the same thing I did.

  3. Are you sure about this? I know the virus lives in a low pH environment, but from what I have read the C doesn’t bring you down as much as it helps your immune system fight it.

    Yes, I am certain that mega doses of Vitamin C will cause you to become acidic and be more harmful than good when it comes to Herpes. Vitamin C is unique in that it bounces back and forth between and acid and an alkalizer (ascorbate). I guess this is why it is good when you have a cold (bacterial or viral). However, consuming ascorbates should work very well. If you mix your vitamin C powder with baking soda you should produce power ascorbates which are great alkalizers. I just know that when I took mega doses of Vitamin C 3-6 g/day I really felt my herpes activity and had a large number of breakouts.

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