Vitamin C


Use caution – aka ascorbic acid. I was taking 1000-3000mg/day. No wonder I was having such a hard time with my outbreaks in the beginning. You need Vitamin C, just be cautious and take an antacid a bit later.  Please read my section on a low acid diet to understand this in more detail.

I truly believe that bacteria thrive in basic environments and viruses thrive in acidic environments.  This is why our bodies are able to bounce back and forth between the two states.  I believe Linus Pauling saw great results in patients with bad bacterial infections, he was simply increasing their blood acidity.  However, mega dosing on Vitamin C will only cause you massive amounts of herpes pain and certainly no cure.

One thought on “Vitamin C”

  1. Are you sure about this? I know the virus lives in a low pH environment, but from what I have read the C doesn’t bring you down as much as it helps your immune system fight it.

    Yes, I am certain that mega doses of Vitamin C will cause you to become acidic and be more harmful than good when it comes to Herpes. Vitamin C is unique in that it bounces back and forth between and acid and an alkalizer (ascorbate). I guess this is why it is good when you have a cold (bacterial or viral). However, consuming ascorbates should work very well. If you mix your vitamin C powder with baking soda you should produce power ascorbates which are great alkalizers. I just know that when I took mega doses of Vitamin C 3-6 g/day I really felt my herpes activity and had a large number of breakouts.

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