Oxygen Therapies


Hydrogen Peroxide, topically and orally

Hyperbaric Chambers

Cell Food Oxygen

An Oxygen machine

Ozone Therapy (Ozone Water, Rectal Ozone, etc.)

None of it works.

More later.

One thought on “Oxygen Therapies”

  1. I’ve had great results with H202 mixed with distilled water and ingested.

    I’m not saying it is a cure, but I believe it has greatly reduced the potency of this virus in my body.

    If I am diligent, and start the regimen soon enough after I get the prodome sypmptoms, I can prevent an outbreak.

    Of course, this can take several weeks of this regimen…

    But when it goes back to sleep, it stays asleep for a long time, and when it awakes it’s a little bit weaker than the last time.

    I’m not sure it helps much if you already have an active outbreak though.

    How did you go about your experiment with H202?


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