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  1. tried oil of oregano? I have heard 4-5 drops under tongue 2x daily , havent ordered it yet, figured maybe you have tried it and just havent posted… some people swear by this.

    Yes, Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf Extract are part of the standard medicine chest. These are both powerful anti-everything (fungal, viral, bacterial, protozoa).

  2. If you have a globulin deficiency, you should *never* have a live virus vaccination, I agree it can be very dangerous. Globulin injections are simply an extract of plasma (white part) from donated human blood. In that respect it is a “natural” cure. all they do is filter the plasma and test it for diseases, it is also given a temperature treatment to kill anything unknown that may be living in there.

    From this link (http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7759773) you can see globulin therapy worked better than drugs at fighting the virus.

    [Support] Thank you for this great information.

  3. Have you had your liver enzymes tested? You may have low levels of globulin (IgG, IgA) and this would cause your body to not fight off the virus well. Your doctor can supply monthly booster injections of globulin to boost immunity.

    [Support] The last time I let a doctor inject me with something it was a Hepatits A+B Vaccine. It was the second shot and 3 days later I was incapacitated as it had caused encephalitis and heavy metal poisoning. And it is happening on a regular basis – I’m lucky, my vaccine didn’t kill me or give me autism like it does to many others. You can read more at the National Vaccine Information Center (www.nvic.org). So, the only way a doctor will ever see me again is for emergency care.

  4. I use a range of natural treatments to keep outbreaks at bay, they won’t do too much when an outbreak is actually occuring, but are brilliant at keeping the immune system in top condition and (for me anyway) the time between outbreaks is longer and longer each time. I take lysine supplements daily, (I get it in pill form here in Australia) probably every 4 hours or so (or whenever I think to take one, I have jar at work and a jar at home) and a product called Blackmore’s Immune Boost twice daily.

    I also used to use a concoction mixed up by my naturopath, but found a product called Herpeset online that has nearly the same ingredients and is much cheaper, you can get it and a range of other natural treatments at this site: http://www.fitterhealthier.com/getridofgenitalherpesEZ.html Its basically a bunch of natural preventatives that you can take in one hit.
    I also use another product sold on this site called herdox, which is really just a multivitamin but is tailoered to herpes and is cheaper than most multi Vs here in Oz.

    Diet is also really important, all my outbreaks are preceded by a lapse in diet or a big night out (had an outbreak on new years day, wasn’t too surprised).

    Does anyone have any info on where I can source DMSO in Australia? I’m not sure of the legalities of ordering it into the countries from overseas. Thanks Ron

  5. Hello Ultimate,

    Thank you for this site. My username is how long I have been diagnosed with the virus (do not even like to say or write the name). It seems like I have always had neurological symptoms with outbreaks – dizzy, foggy – much difficulty processing information – sometimes feel like eyes rolling back in my head (seizure activity???), dropping things, difficulty keeping balance – almost like MS. When I asked the social network group that has been around forever (associated with CDC?), they said this was impossible. So, once again, I was alone with my symptoms.

    Don’t know that I am aggressively trying to eliminate it from my life at this point, since it had been a while since an outbreak. Have been stressed out lately and having them back to back, but may be reactivating somehow with changing modalities. Have tried probably everything that you have tried in the past and more. Some of the emotional charge against the virus has been taken away through the years – maybe EFT and SSKI helped???? Have had trouble sleeping in years past with outbreaks, which compounds symptoms – high cortisol levels??, but if I don’t lose sleep with an outbreak, I seem to do so much better – iodine protocols?? and L-Theanine???

    Overarching emotional component that accompanied was that of feeling abandoned, lied to, betrayed – who will love me now with this virus?. Kept me from risking intimate relationships for many years, since threat of loss is always a potential in any and every relationship. Kind, loving husband seems to sense this and always reassures me that he is not going anywhere and just holds me. Have recently come across German New Medicine which has a theory about some of the skin conditions being associated with a “ripped from my skin” type of reaction, i.e., abandonment. And I am the poster child for feeling emotionally abandoned and betrayed ever since I can remember (Chiron in the 4th house and left home at age 15).

    Am wondering if the FOCC (flax oil cottage cheese) is destroying the lipid membranes of the infected cells and causing some sort of reactivation, like it is supposed to do with cancer? I know the flax seeds themselves probably have a lot of arginine in them. I am also oil pulling and I think my first reactivation lately has been directly after starting that. Sesame seeds also have lots of arginine – don’t know if the oil does as well. Oh well, what a ride!!

    Am also trying the living clay directly – have been taking it internally for other reasons. Too many other modalities to discuss in this short space. Am familiar with alkalkine/acid, but got very burned out on chasing that rabbit as well.

    Once again, thank you for this site.

  6. Read the book “Never an Outbreak”. Extremely good results! If you have prodrome or actually have an outbreak take garlic pills (there are odorless pills) take 5-6 pills every 2-3 hours for 2-3 days and you will clear right up. I see major results the 1st day and usually am clear by the 2nd day. DSMO cream also works wonders. I didn’t even do everything you’re told to do in the book (only some of it) and I haven’t had a full outbreak in 4yrs. If I feel or see the signs of an outbreak,garlic pills take care of it EVERY time. My outbreaks used to last 10-12 days now I know how to stop them before things get really painful.
    Read the book it honestly changed my life.

    [Editor’s Note] – Yes, I wasted money on this book without any success whatsoever (see article here). I’m glad it worked for this Anonymous user, but you will find the information in this blog far more valuable. You may find that if you simply take 1/4 to 1/2 tsp. of baking soda you will see far better results, like within 1-2 hours. I will give the author credit for turning me on to DMSO which is in my list of things to have on hand.

  7. Hey man, just checking in on your progress on MMS, looks great…i did find something really amazing, its kind of like a zapper but more compact… check it out, i think it would be great for stopping herpes on the go…


    here are a couple of youtube testimonials about the device…it looks awsome!





    [Editor] I have used my Bob Beck Zapper on my genital outbreaks and it does stop the outbreak. These little zap your coldsore toys have been around for a while. They will stop the outbreak or reduce it, but they are not a cure for herpes.

  8. There is a product called resolve herpes that a bunch of people on a herpes hub page are trying. It claims to flush herpes out of the system and cure you after 90 days of treatment and then waiting 90 days before testing Negative. I am a little skeptical, but it looks like it may be a possibility. You can read more about what people are saying at http://hubpages.com/hub/Herpes_Cure
    Would appreciate your input.

  9. i am new to herpes 2, but have had herpes 1 for a while…and I always put on a small dab of Purell. Clears it up, but burns. so the other day i tried it on my new blisters (in areas that i thought I could handle the burn) and they cleared up as well. now I am on famvir because I couldnt handle the valtrex-however, i think the meds are worse than the actual virus!!! will try the broccoli thing. I also would drink as much milk as I could when i had a cold sore and that seemed to help as well, which is similar to your base/acid idea.

  10. damm looks like you already tried bht, man i honesltly thought there was something there…oh well, guess its just , man this really sucks

  11. hey i just wanted to post something i found, i havent tried it but it looks promising.


    apperently the guy was also suffereing from herpes, and he found the supplement BHT a food preservative…took it in excess for 30 days, then normally for a year…he says he hasnt had an outbreak since…its worth a shot i mean it does look promising…

    here is his document on what he did for 30 days and that year


    hope you check it out, send me a email on what you think…take care

  12. oh and if you are having really bad problems…take l-lysine the supplementation daily…buy the 500mg one with 250 tablets inside and take about 1 tablet to every 22lbs of your body…since i am 180 i am taking 8 tablets a day and it really helps control the outbreak to the point of being care free!

  13. Alright well hey i like what you are doing…i am planning a huge experiment in a couple of days/weeks i am just trying to get ready…it is basically going to be me

    zapping for 5 months, while taking lysine supplementation and some other formula…

    3- Mix 1 tsp. L-glutamic acid power (not glutamine)
    1 tsp. L-lysine powder
    1 1/3 cups water

    i have created some colloidal silver, just in case of an outbreak. My sister has had a little outbreak…i dappled some colloidal silver on it and its healing up really nicely. After the 5 months of zapping i will start using mms…and well i am still in the early phase of thinking this all through…send me an email and i will link you with all the information and we can talk a bit.

    just here is some stuff to check out:

    EDITOR’S NOTE: Be cautious and don’t spend money on gimmicks



    good luck with your experiments…get the zapper stuff or make it it works, i will post you everything i have done!

  14. Thanks for all the great info you have posted here. I just tried some dynamiclear and I’m not sure if its really working like they say it does. Anyway I’m off to the health food/vitamin shop tomorrow to pick up some of the items you suggest. I’ll let you know if if goes well.

  15. Hi I think you should do a google search on broccoli and herpes, it prevents about 98% of outbreaks and daily broccoli has no side effects compared to everything else. Take it next time you get prodome, should shorten illness or take one or two florrets daily as preventitive,drug companies are working on pill form. Good luck

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