Ah, I like zinc so much I hate to give it a bad name, but it does not do much for herpes. Don’t get me wrong, zinc is part of my regular routine and I believe it has greatly increased my immunity as I rarely get sick. That boosted immune system is a great thing when you are fighting herpes, but taking zinc or placing it on an outbreak won’t help a whole lot.

Most over the counter oral herpes products contain some form of zinc or another. You can put these on your outbreak all you want, but they won’t help as much as the other products.

Placing any over the counter herpes cure, like Abreva, on an outbreak won’t have much effect and you’ll burn through that $20 tube in no time. I’ve also crushed zinc tablets up and made a paste to apply – it didn’t help. And yes, I have tried Zicam (Zinc Gluconate) without any effect.


Again, taking zinc will not have any effect on a Herpes outbreak. It will help boost your immune system and provide men with a healthy prostate, but it won’t stop a herpes outbreak.  It may help shorten the cycle simply because you will have an enhanced immune system.  Also, taking 50mg of Zinc will make your stomach feel like you want to retch – so make sure you take it with food.

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  1. You said taking zinc orally “will help boost your immune system”. I have observed that applying Aciclovir (basically a lotion that interfere with the virus replication) when taking zinc supplementation REALLY shortens the duration of the cold sores. A strong immune system is much better equipped to destroy the outbreak once virus replication has been slowed down.

  2. Did you ever try 50 mM of zinc gluconate? Zicam gel, the cold remedy that kills the rhinovirus, has 30mM. This is really good for type 1 herpes but not as good for type2. However, if you go to a compounding pharmacy and get 50mM, it should work as well as zicam does for type 1.

    The trick is making sure you are using zinc that contains free ions. That is NOT zinc oxide. Only zinc gluconate or zinc sulphate in the right amount will work.

    You can look this up in medical journal articles. It is proven to inactivate hsv1 at 100% after a certain amount fo time. It works well for hsv2 also,

    It can prevent my breakouts when i apply when i first feel it coming on. Also, it can shorten an outbreask to literally 2 days.

    I have a persistant case of genitial type 1 herpes from oral sex. I am within the first year of infection.

    Good luck!

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