Here is a great site on the benefits of Lysine for Rheumatoid Arthritis:

Lysine never worked for me, but it was probably because my liver was so congested.  I will certainly be going back to it as it appears it can be a good alternative to Valtrex.

Update (6/8/09):

Caution: Guess what happens when you take 6-10g of an amino acid?  You become very, very acidic.  After 5 days of being off Valtrex and doing 8-10g/day of Lysine I was in a major world of hurt.  Lower legs, lower back, pain into the bones, and a outbreaks.  Doing more research into Valtrex and Lysine prior to moving forward, but I am back on Valtrex.  I’m going to do 250mg until the joint pain returns and then back down to 125mg daily.

My understanding is that Valtrex does not stop the virus, but stops the human cell from reproducing the virus.  Lysine however may actually stop the virus from infecting cells.  Not sure how to get high doses of Lysine and remain alkaline.

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