BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene)


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Yeah, don’t try this one at home. Just don’t do it, this is bad, bad stuff. From driving me mentally crazy to breaking down cartilage this stuff did not get along well with me. It will thin your blood and cause very weird things to happen when you bleed. The blood will be thin, light, and form a weird gelatinous ooze. However, it is just good to know about this stuff in regards to lippo encased virii.

So, BHT is supposed to strip off the lippo (fatty) enclosure of the herpes virus so that your immune system can identify it and eliminate it. Well, it may, but after having taken it for 3-6 months straight, it was having little to no effect. There is a lot to say here, so please read on.

I was taking 400-500mg two times each day in a capsule form which I made from powdered BHT. The stuff smells like it came right out of an oil refinery. I would attempt to take the pill with some form of oil so that it would break-down in the stomach. I used an Omega-3 flax seed oil. In the beginning the BHT would drive me absolutely crazy. I was angry, ADHD, and OCD all rolled into one. It is hard to explain, but I was simply crazy – BHT drove me insane.

However, my Chelation doctor got me some Hanso Kampo Minor Bupleurum Formula (Sho-saiko-to; Xiao chai hu tang) tea which is supposed to clean the liver. Literally, after one cup, my body was then able to digest BHT without the nasty side effects – amazing.

Skip forward a few weeks of me taking BHT every day. My left ear develops CNH and my dermatologist has no clue. He keeps injecting steroids.  I stop the BHT and put Polysporin on it twice a day for months until it heals.

And, at the end of it all, I was no closer to a cure for herpes.

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  1. I had severe outbreaks of herpes back in the late 80’s and early 90’s, then I took BHT in moderate and increasing to heavy doses for less than a week. Herpes went away – totally gone and hasn’t recurred since…at least until now, 2008 and it may just be an ingrown hair.
    Yes, BHT made me a little light headed and would maybe make me a bit nauseaous, but it was minor compared to the relief.

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