The Candida link to herpes

Okay, brief post on another random theory.  It looks like there is a very direct correlation between chronic herpes and candida intestinal fungus.  Both Candida and Herpes resonate at 1550-1552 Hz.  Last July ’08 when I started using my Doug Coil Rife Machine my intestines were LOADED, meaning my stomach vibrated so bad I thought I was electrocuting myself internally.  That is also about the time I started having daily outbreaks.  I thought I had liver flukes, but I’m not 100% sure about that, even though the parasite cleanses have made me feel much better. (P.S. I also think the Pau D’ Arco in the parasite and candida cleanses are great for herpes).  And, now after really focusing on eliminating the Candida my herpes is much better under control.  My Coil no only registers hits in 1-3 range instead of the 6-8 range and it is rapidly falling.

The theory is that herpes is like the clown fish and candida is like the sea anenome and herpes hides in and around the candida.  Candida is rampant in America because of the high carbohydrate diets we consume.  Please look into Renew Life’s Candida Cleanse if you think you may have an issue.  I had no idea that I had an issue until I started taking MMS and could not really get above 8-10 drops a day without terrible diarrhea.

If you have chronic herpes, I would certainly look into Candida issues.

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  1. I am interested in this topic. Have you read any published research on this topic or is it an anecdotal opinion?
    It’s interesting that I am not the only one wondering if there’s a connection.

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