Herpes Lifecycle

I have a Doug Coil Rife machine which I make resonate with the herpes virus at 1552 Hz which enables me to feel where herpes is in my system.  It is difficult because Candida, a fungus that lives in the intestines also vibrates at this frequency and as noted I believe there is a direct correlation between the two.  However, one of the reasons I believe that herpes is so very difficult to get rid of is because of how it travels through our bodies.  It lives in the lower back and as it is identified by the immune and lymphatic systems, it is pulled into the lymph waste removal stream.  This fluid travels through your body to the liver, where it is expelled into the colon for removal.  As it travels down the colon it plays with its very good friend Candida and as it reaches the end of the colon (or somewhere along it), it escapes back into the lower back.  Or perhaps, the Candida, which actually creates microscopic holes in the colon wall, allows the herpes to reenter the system.  I believe this to be the case as I have good hits in my lower back and tailbone, all along my colon, and very pronounced in my liver.

Who knows if this is true, it is just another of my mad theories.

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