Mushrooms (Host Defense)

Herpes is a virus and therefore, having an enhanced immune system will increase your ability to keep the virus in check.  With that I went hunting for an immune stimulator and found “New Chapter Organics Host Defense“.  It claims to increase Natural Killer (NK) Cell activity by 300%.  I believe there is some truth to this as I have good success at remaining healthy while on these pills.  I currently take one of these every other weekday (MWF).

WARNING: A hyper immune system is not always a good thing.  If I take one of these pills every day for a week my throat will become very sore as if I have a cold and will continue until I stop taking these pills.  It’s a real catch-22 because you think you have a cold and so you take more immune boosters.  When in fact the cold is coming from your body attacking itself.

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