Probiotics (Acidophilus & Bifidus)!!!

So, using my Doug Coil Rife Machine I discovered that my intestines were loaded with bad bacteria.  I “coiled” the bacteria which certainly helped to kill it (read pee-eew), but I didn’t want it coming back.  So I did some looking and found this great article.  Great, I can improve my intestines and possibly help along my herpes cause.  I started with mega-dosing – 2 pills, 3 times a day for a week and then down to 2 pills once a day for a week, then 1 pill a day for added to my daily intake of pills.  After the first week the “hits” with the Doug Machine were non-existant.  Thankfully it appears that the good bacteria is more dominant that the bad bacteria and it has taken over.

A nice side effect is that I am no longer as hungery.  It would appear that my intestines are now able to absorb the nutrients they need from the food that I do eat.

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