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It looks like my adrenals are shot and they are controlled by the endocrine (hormone) system which is controlled by the thyroid which thrives on iodine.  Hormones regulate everything in your body including your immune system.  Not only am I constantly exhausted my immune system is having a hell of a time with herpes.  Thus, I’m pretty sure I need some iodine.  Iodine is sadly missing from the U.S. diet and a lack of iodine has been shown to cause all kinds of illness.  The Japanese, considered the healthiest people on the planet, get an average of 13-25 mg of iodine a day from seaweed and fish.

The only real source of iodine in the American diet is salt and most people have cut back on salt because of their blood pressure.  It used to be in bread, but that has been replaced by bromide.

Worthless fact: When there is a nuclear explosion the primary isotope which is released is radioactive Iodide and since most thyroids don’t get enough iodine they suck up all of the radioactive iodide and the number one cause of death from a nuclear situation is thyroid cancer.  So, keep your thyroid happy and give it iodine.

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