New theory – Herpes infects bacteria

I had to get this out real quick since I’m very busy these days with a family and I don’t have much time to blog anymore.  This is probably a mad theory, but I am now totally convinced that Herpes infects bacteria!  The other night I was coiling at 802.3 Hz and I had a little reaction in my high hip bone where my herpes now lives.  Great, took some Phosphoric Acid to help fight a bacterial cold I’ve had for 4 weeks and herpes started to get out of control.  Almost lead to an outbreak and when I coiled the next day my intestines, buttocks, liver, and hip were all reacting to the coil at 802.3 Hz.  How could herpes have spread that fast?  I’m convinced that the gut flora is infected with herpes.  I did my calcium blend that evening and the next day nothing reacted – I totally shut the virus down.

It didn’t kill the virus or all of the pain, but there were no hits anywhere – just weird, I thought my machine was broken.  Ran diags and it was fine, the virus was just shutdown.

I’m taking Monolaurin (Mono Lauricidin) and I hope that will kill what is in the intestines.

Dr. Hulda Clark could never cure herpes and she theorized that it infected a parasite that she could not cleanse the body of.  I now believe it infects the bacteria living in your colon (Candida, etc.).

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  1. I know you are right about the colon because every time I eat, I feed those little bastards. About a half hour after I eat, my upper thigh hurts and I know it’s them with a full belly. I use an f-165 generator from Atelier Robin, although I just started back with a powerful protocol which includes ozone in the am and vit c (sodium ascorbate) thru the day. Also trying Ken Uzzel’s Vitamin C project with my generator. Finally did a Humaworm parasite cleanse and liver cleanse. Starting Hulda Clark’s Black Walnut Hull, Wormwood, and Clove maintenence program tomorrow. I am afraid to do Budwig Diet too much since I do Ozone in the am, so I am just going to eat flax seeds with cottage cheese at night for a while and see if I live.

    Here is my prototcol so far:

    01/06/11 humaworm
    01/27/11 started oz water, started hfreqs with pulse
    02/03/11 started oz oil
    02/12/11 started cupping

    02/19/11 ob (oregano & oz oil) went out night before when tired,drank sugary juice
    02/21/11 started vit c project with Frex
    02/25/11 hfreqs(Ken Uzzel), mycoplasma hits from mycoplasma in all ob areas
    02/26/11 started sip C, mycoplasma,DNAFreqs no hits from mycoplasma
    02/27/11 liver cleanse no sip C, almost died from liver cleanse
    02/28/11 started kefir, mv40 freqs, DNAFreqs no hits
    03/01/11 started flax seed/cc 1 tbsp flax seed/ 1/2 cup cottage- eve.
    03/01/11 have barely felt activity since 2/27/11

    Please contact me by email. Maybe we can help each other.

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