Oxygenated Magnesium (Mag O7 or Oxy-Powder)

Herpes is primarily a colon infection. The bacteria in the colon reproduce the virus faster and more effectively than human cells. This is one of the reasons MMS seemed to help, but there are far better ways to get a healyh colon. Oxygenated magnesium is a high powered colon cleanse that will promote the growth of health aerobic bacteria and not anaerobic. The oxygen will also assist with the elimination of any virus in the colon. I started out slow with 2 pills before bed and I’m ramping slowly to avoid any herx reactions. There will be a strong urge to eliminate by 9:30 am, but nothing uncontrollable.

Mixing this with the Budwig Protocol, getting lots of good yogurt, acidophillis, and increasing my red blood cell count has helped tremendously. I’m down to 500mg of Valtrex which previously was unheard of.

All in all it has only taken 7 years to get to where I am, but these things are working well for me and my post will become far fewer.

Best of luck to all.

[update 9/1/12]
Started having symptoms after a few weeks on Mag O7 and ran my Doug Coil at 1552 Hz over my back and my entire large and small colon are ringing off the charts so I immediately took baking soda and Humaworm Herpes Cleanse to minimize symptoms which work like magic.
What this means is that herpes is the worlds greatest hitchhiker and will climb inside any bacteria, anaerobic and aerobic to avoid a hostile environment. Thus, in order to kill it you must fight on its turf in an acidic environment. However, adding oxygen to an acidic environment neutralizes the acid and creates water. I have some theories, but I need to run some tests with valtrex, phosphoric acid, mag O7, herpes cleanse (pau d’arco), lots of fiber, collagen, and lots of water.

On a positive note, the cracks in my left heal are clearing up meaning the Mag O7 helped kill off some internal fungus. My sinus infection is pretty much gone, and I can eat dairy without a sinus flare up.

[update 1/29/13]
Talk about symbiotic, viruses hate oxygen, but candida thrives in oxygen. Candida and herpes are great friends. The MagO7 was actually helping the candida grow and is why my symptoms started to flare up toward the end. MagO7 is still good to cleanse the colon wall and expose the underlying candida so it can be killed by coconut oil, caprylic acid, olive leave, oregano oil, monolaurin.

BTW, the cracks in my left heal are gone, it is just a little dry. The sinuses are not 100%, but they are doing great.

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