Candida – driving toward a “cure”


I have found my personal issue is Candida Fungus (older posts: 1 2).  I thought I had done a great job at eliminating Candida, my tongue was pink and my gums looked great.  However, I was very lactose intolerant and got a sinus infection every time I had the slightest bit of dairy.  Turns out, Candida cannot digest lactose/lactase.  And, doing The Master Cleanse was perhaps the worst thing I could have ever done.  By totally purging my intestines and feeding candida nothing but maple syrup, I gave it everything it need to grow out of control.


Candida and Herpes are both lipid coated and both vibrate at 1552 Hz (Dr. Royal Rife), so they are essentially very good friends like the clown fish and anemone which practice symbiosis and mutualism.


I believe they practice Lipid Bilayer Diffusion  where herpes will stick to candida in order to avoid being detected and purged.  This allows the herpes colony to build up to a level which enables them to be destructive and overwhelm the immune system which is normally capable of addressing herpes.


Prior to cleansing candid I could not go a single day without 1000mg of Valtrex every day.  That much Valtrex causes tendon calcification and aches and pains throughout the body.  I also had herpes pains throughout my groin, buttocks, back, and lymphatic system – mainly in my hamstrings and behind my knees.  As soon as I woke up every day, the first thought through my head was – I have herpes.  Today that is no longer the case.  I will have the occasional ache or pain, but I am not constantly reminded that I am a herpes sufferer.


Understanding how The Master Cleanse caused so many problems, I tried to reverse the process.  I came to this realization after using MagO7 to cleanse my colon.  I thought the oxygen would kill any herpes, but it turns out that by exposing the colon wall my intestines became infested and my symptoms started getting worse.  My Doug Coil indicated that the entire liver, large and now small intestine were ringing unlike anything before.  After focusing on the colon and reading my prior research I came to realize candida was to blame.  After I read that candida was lipid coated, just like herpes, I realized that treating candida would benefit the treatment of herpes.

I did my own treatment of candid with really good success, but I recommend reading for consistent up to date information on candida, however, avoid taking the multi-level marketing probiotics Threelac and Fivelac as they contain a soil based bacteria not designed for the stomach.  Instead I recommend a good common probiotic and Saccharomyces Boulardii.


However, there are always some negative side effects.  As the biological battle between candida and boulardii are taking place there is som GI discomfort.  Acidic stomach, constipation, discomfort.


best of luck


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