Enzyme Therapy

Read about Enzymes and read more about enzymes.

Then read this article.

Read about Protein Folding

Understand that a large portion of the cell’s nucleus is not just DNA, but proteins.

Also understand that proteins are everywhere even in the lipid coating surrounding our friends Herpes & Candida. An enzyme is a special type of protein that is like a key that can cause larger proteins to fold & unfold. As you age, your body slows down the production of enzymes and by supplementing, you can make an efficient use of the proteins in your diet and rebuild your nuclear protein stores. You can also speed up chemical reactions – like the destruction of foreign bodies in your system.

I am currently on a high-potency enzyme. I take 3 each night before bed as they can’t be mixed with food, otherwise, they just break down the food.

[UPDATE 5/14/13] After a week on 3 high potency (180,000 HUT each) each night before bed the lymph nodes in my right armpit became very sore so I cut back for a few days until the swelling went down and I’m starting back in at 2 per night. I’ve increased my exercise to attempt to flush the lymph system. Always listen to your body and throttle back anything that may be overloading your waste removal system.

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