Treat candida to treat herpes

To effectively treat severe herpes I have focused on treating candida. I had zero symptoms for about 3 months after hitting candida, but then I took an antibiotic and didn’t replenish my probiotics. I started eating a lot of carbs and bam, the symptoms came back slowly and thne constantly.

I refocused on candida with a Yeast Cleanse (Capryllic acid, Pau D’ Arco, tea tree, oregano, etc.), and Cellulase enzyme. I hit it hard and the die off was terrible for about a week. Very strong near outbreaks, sore back, legs, buttocks, swollen lymph, etc. However, I treated that with the calcium, MSM, omega-3 mix to alkalize the acid and Eye of Newt topically. I also upped my VItamin D to 10,000 IU (I’m 210 lbs.) per day. Occasionally I’m adding MagO7 in the evening to get the Cellulase enzyme distributed throughout the colon.

What happens is as the candida dies, the billions of herpes viruses are released from the candida branches and the body is overwhelmed as it attempts to clear it out. The body is perfectly capable of dealing with herpes in low quantities, but when there is a candida overgrowth then there is an area for herpes and potentially HIV to gather and grow over time.

The mass die-off is bad and the Eye of Newt applied topically really, really helps.

Killing fungus is a long, slow, tedious process. Maintaining a low-carb bulletproof diet is very difficult, however, I’ve been on high protein, high fat, and low carb for about 2 months. The first month was really the hardest as my system got used to it.

One mistake was Coconut oil versus MCT oil and now my LDL is high and HDL is low so I do need to monitor my cholesterol.

I ran my Doug Coil Rife Machine on my system last night (9/16/13) and my large colon has very small indication of candida. I ran through the frequencies 802.3 Hz, 1467.6Hz, 1552 Hz and got minor hits at 1552. I did feel some hits in my small colon so I will continue my low-carb, fungus fight.

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