In Hulda Clark’s book “The Cure for All Disease” she too is unable to cure herpes.  She gives lots of methods for cleansing and zapping, but she is never able to cure herpes.  This virus has been around for a very long time and it just doesn’t want to die.  In the end she believes that herpes must infest a parasite inside the body and no amount of drugs or zapping can get into the parasite to kill the herpes virus.  However, as these parasites die, they release a slew of virus back into our systems.  So, even if we “cure” the virus within our systems we are eventually re-infected via the parasites.

Well, she just may be on to something.  I recently discovered that my liver was full of Liver Fluke parasites

Liver Fluke
Liver Fluke

These parasites are about the size of a grain of rice and they live in your liver and feed off of bile.

I discovered them while doing a Hulda Clark Liver Cleanse/Flush.  I didn’t know what they were except they were all the same size and shape.  I believe I picked these up in Asia during a trip in May.  Which coincides with my continuous outbreaks beginning in July.  I imagine these are all loaded with herpes and when they would die they would release lots of virus back into my system.  I also thought the constant outbreaks might relate to my use of MMS, which was probably killing these parasites.  However, since these things can lay 4,000 eggs a day I don’t believe the MMS was getting them all.

I am now in the middle of a parasite cleanse:


During the first week I had about 100+ of these things coming out of me each day.  I am now down to killing the eggs for the next few weeks.  My outbreaks are way down which I have attributed to baking soda, which has helped stop many of the outbreaks that would have been caused by the dying parasites.

I know that parasites are not the only place herpes hides, however, having parasites does not help matters at all when you are trying to eliminate herpes altogether.  Since the average American has 2.5 lbs of parasites in them I highly recommend anybody with herpes do a parasite cleanse and avoid sushi and other raw/rare meats.  I have tried Hulda Clark’s recipe and the Humaworm cleanses, but I find the Renew Life Paragone to work very well.

Update (3/7/09):

I just received my Barefoot parasite cleanse and the results after just a day on the stuff are pretty good.  I am still working on killing these things as I am not quite certain they are all gone.  Parasites have evolved just like viruses, they try to stick around inside the host as long as possible and can go dormant into a cyst/seed like state when things get too bad.

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