HSV Eraser Scam (eraseherpes101.com) (nursescure.com)

An incredible scam.  Anytime a webpage ask if you are sure you want to leave the purchase page you can be guaranteed it is a scam.  The maddening part is you have to go to page 6 of a search engine for any real information because these scam artists have purchased the first 5 pages of results from Yahoo and Google (Shame Yahoo and Google – Shame!) See more from the great team at Project Accept:


These are a SCAM, don’t waste your $39:

The same still holds true for Dynamiclear – complete scam and also pops up in these searches.

Anything sending you off to a click counter purchase site (Click Bank) means it is a multi-level marketing scam where people pointing you to that website get a part of the $39.  This is a money making, multi-level marketing scam and you should avoid it.

If you really believe they will give you a 60-day refund, best of luck.  $39 can go a long way toward purchasing supplements that actually help.

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