Understanding Chemistry & Electricity

I am not a doctor, but I am a Computer Systems Engineer with a Bachelor of Science degree.  That said, the following is a very rudimentary overview of viruses, bacteria, protozoa, fungi, chemistry, and electricity.

Ideally, the human physiology has a typical pH of 7.4-7.6.  “pH” stands for Potential Hydrogen or how many hydrogen atoms are in any given substance.  The closer to zero the more Hydrogen atoms, the more acidic a subtance is, and thus the more positively charged that substance is since Hydrogen has a charge of +1.  However, the closer to 14 the pH is the more alkaline a substance is and the more OH molecules there are in that substance – or the more negatively charged that substance is.  Water has a pH of 7 meaning that it is neither acidic (H+) nor alkaline (OH-), instead all of the H+ atoms join with the OH- molecules and form H2O or water and it is neutral with a charge of zero.

At its fundamental level, chemistry is nothing more than the movement of electrons from one area to another.  Different molecules, and atoms simply attract or repel electrons at different rates.

Now, there are four different pathogens that can infect the human body – viruses, bacteria, protozoa (small worms like Lyme Disease or Malaria), and fungi.  For now I will say that “most” viruses, protozoa, and fungi are acidic or positively charged and “most” bacteria are alkaline or negatively charged.  If the balance fell in any other combination human physiology would not be alkaline, we would either naturally be neutral or we would naturally be acidic.  e.g. there are 4 attackers and billions of years (or hundreds depending on your beliefs) of evolution have let the scale fall alkaline – indicating that there are more acidic attackers than there are alkaline attackers, therefore, we remain alkaline to counteract the majority or the acidic attackers.

A virus is not alive, it cannot be killed, and it is really nothing more than a piece of RNA with hooks, claws, drills, master keys and legs which it uses to enter our cells so it can reproduce. Ribonucleic Acid (RNA), it is right in the name, it is an acid or a positively charged entity.  A virus can only be incapacitated such that is is incapable of entering a cell where it can reproduce.  Thus, we can only develop drugs to inhibit a virus’ hooks, claws, drills, master keys, and legs or we can inhibit the virus itself by stripping off its extra electrons and leaving a salt (acid + base = salt + water).  Granted, this is extremely fundamental and I do not recommend fighting Ebola simply by grounding yourself.

I discovered a while back that Tagamet HB and TUMS antacids worked very well at fighting Herpes, however, over time the body becomes used to these substances and it begins to counteract with increased acid production, otherwise, your food does not digest properly.  Your GI tract contains about 80% of your immune system and it will not compromise on what gets through the front gates.

It is a very fine art to keep the body at a balanced pH of 7.4-7.6.  If you go too basic (>7.8) your kidneys and your stomach will begin to overwork to bring your system acidic.  Then, if you forget to alkalize your system, your body is actively acidifying itself and you are acidic again in a short period of time.  Also, if you go too acidic (<7.2) your system will do the reverse by stripping calcium from your bones to neutralize the acid.  This is hard work for the kidneys which are responsible for maintaining your pH and electrolyte balance.

BTW, if you eat the Standard American Diet (SAD) your system is too acidic – period.  This is great for fighting off bacteria, but there are more viruses, fungi, and protozoa than bacteria and you are setting yourself up to be very ill.  Besides, we have great antibiotics which are understood and help kill bacteria.

Thus, it is ideal if you modify your diet to become alkaline.

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