Don’t Panic!

Do not panic. You have a very capable immune system.  If you work with it you will be much better off.  I personally did panic.  I immediately began reading everything I could get my hands on.  I started taking all kinds of supplements to push my immune system into overdrive.  I then sprayed my groin with DMSO and Hydrogen Peroxide.  The lymph nodes in my groin swelled up so bad that one of them ruptured.

The lymphatic system is there to remove invaders and toxins from your system and filters the lymphatic fluid through the liver where the waste is eventually ejected with your bowel movements and urine.

Now imagine, a very swollen lymph node about the size of a large grape, full of billions of very active herpes virus exploding in your groin.  Yes, I unwittingly became my own very worst enemy.  Those viruses settled in and have wreaked havoc on my left side for almost 5 years.

Could I have been one of those 80% who never had a symptom or an outbreak – I’ll never know.  However, the health secrets I have learned to help me maintain general health have been very well worth the time and effort.

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