Great News and an effective vaccine may be close.

Additional news is supposed to be coming out this month, October 2016.

“TheravaxHSV is a therapeutic vaccination series. By retraining the immune system to better control herpes simplex virus (HSV), TheravaxHSV offers sufferers the possibility of reducing their genital herpes symptoms. Phase 1 Clinical Trials of TheravaxHSV are imminent.”

ProfavaxHSV is a prophylactic vaccination series that offers the opportunity for recipients to acquire protective immunity against HSV-1 or HSV-2, and thus protect themselves against the risk of acquiring oral or genital herpes. Phase 1 Clinical Trials of ProfavaxHSV will begin after the TheravaxHSV vaccine has completed Phase 1 safety trials.”

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Most critical herpes cure – learn about real nutrition and epigenetics

These are my recommendations after 11 years of fighting herpes:

  1. Go gluten free and reduce gluten as much as possible
    1. If you have glue in your stomach, you can’t absorb nutrients – remember making glue/paste with flour and water as a kid?
    2. Gluten causes a contact “rash” and scarring in your gut and there are fewer villi and less surface area to absorb nutrients.
    3. It is a “fad” with serious scientific backing, learn about gluten
  2. Eliminate Candida in your gut and body
    1. Herpes and Candida have a symbiotic relationship and work hand in hand to keep you unhealthy.  Herpes, Candida, and Tuberculosis all have a harmonic frequency of 1552 Hz (Study the work of Royal Rife and Rife technologies)
  3. Probiotics
    1. A majority of your nutrients come from bacteria breaking down food.
    2. Probiotics attack and displace Candida and bad bacteria
  4. Get lots of clean water and sunshine
  5. I have two “Holy Trinity” supplement blends that stop herpes in its tracks when you are having an outbreak
    1. Pau ‘D Arco, Olive Leaf, and enteric coated Oregano Oil
      1. This is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral combination.  It attacks herpes and candida and makes it go dormant.
    2. Calcium & Potassium, MSM, and Omega-3
      1. A modification on the Budwig Protocol
      2. MSM breaks down Omega-3 oil
      3. Omega-3 carries Calcium and Oxygen to the cells
      4. Calcium pushes herpes out of the cell and herpes pushes calcium out of the cell.  (Study the Calcium or Potassium Pump)
      5. Electrolytes and trace minerals in general are a very good thing.
  6. If possible, use Valtrex (acyclovir)
    1. Acyclovir uses phosphorylation to deactivate the virus inside the cell
  7. Epigenetics – learn about it, this is the future of healthcare.
    1. Your genes are designed to process certain nutrients in a certain way, but nutrients in your food are going the way of the Dodo Bird (extinct).
    2. Learn about your genome and which nutrients you really need to focus on to make your genes and proteins operate in the most effective way possible.
      1. – proceed with caution as Sergey Brin’s (founder of Google) wife Anne Wojcicki owns 23andme.  They can literally link your genetics to your web browsing behavior.  With new CRISPR gene editing technology we can literally design a virus that will kill you and only you or even you and your entire bloodline.  It is a Catch-22, great information, but information can always be used for evil.
  8. Nucca Chiropractic (
    1. If your spine and nerves can’t properly communicate with your body to produce the proper signals and feedback loops you are fighting a losing battle
    2. A “regular chiropractor” who pops your neck and spine is like modern medicine that treats the symptoms and not the cause.  A dislocated atlas is the cause of a crooked, unhealthy spine – fix the atlas and fix your neck, spine, shoulders, and hips.
  9. Watch these videos and see if you come to some of the same conclusions I have.

The future is here and gene editing is a reality:






HSV Eraser Scam ( (

An incredible scam.  Anytime a webpage ask if you are sure you want to leave the purchase page you can be guaranteed it is a scam.  The maddening part is you have to go to page 6 of a search engine for any real information because these scam artists have purchased the first 5 pages of results from Yahoo and Google (Shame Yahoo and Google – Shame!) See more from the great team at Project Accept:

These are a SCAM, don’t waste your $39:

The same still holds true for Dynamiclear – complete scam and also pops up in these searches.

Anything sending you off to a click counter purchase site (Click Bank) means it is a multi-level marketing scam where people pointing you to that website get a part of the $39.  This is a money making, multi-level marketing scam and you should avoid it.

If you really believe they will give you a 60-day refund, best of luck.  $39 can go a long way toward purchasing supplements that actually help.

Quorum Sensing and Sensory Overload

In this article I will attempt to pull my latest findings together.

If you have not watch Bonnie Bassler’s TED talk on Quorum Sensing please view it now.

If you were unaware that herpes is a lipid coated virus please read here and candida is a lipid coated fungus please read here and also here.

Candida Albicans occurs naturally in your gut, but our carb heavy acidic diet have given candida room to grow and flourish.  Candida has a natural harmonic just like herpes and tuberculosis of 1552 Hz.  I know this because my Doug Coil Rife Machine causes vibrations in my gut, liver, and tail bone and I’ve been researching this for 15 years.  Now, this natural harmonic will not kill candida or herpes, but it is great at detecting it.

If 80% of our immune system is in our gut, doesn’t that mean 80% of our illness is in our gut?” – Me, 2015

What does candida, herpes, and quorum sensing have to do with why I have chronic herpes?

First, our bodies know perfectly well how to eliminate the herpes virus but our immune systems cannot handle a virulent onset meaning the immune system is overwhelmed by too many of the virus.  Does this mean that through quorum sensing millions of infected cells automatically explode sending billions of herpes virus cells into our system?  That is one take and may have some influence on initial outbreaks, but I believe long-term, chronic herpes is caused by Candida Albicans overgrowth.  Through lipid hemi-fusion herpes binds to Candida Albicans creating a fantastic symbiotic relationship.  Fungus grows in oxygen, viruses don’t.  Fungi have incredible defense mechanisms including a cyst state where they curl up into an impenetrable ball to avoid swings in pH.  Fungus can unfurl  to create an enormous interwoven mesh and penetrate billions of cells (arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi (AMF)).  Now, picture candida biofilm covering the entire lining of a colon (small & large) and the herpes virus clinging to it for dear life.  It might look something like this at a microscopic level:



This is how herpes survives and produces chronic virulent onset.  Valtrex removes herpes from the human cells using phosphorylation quite well, yet at my worst, if I stopped Valtrex for a day I’d have issues, burning, outbreak, etc.  And, herpes can’t build an army overnight – so where are the billions of herpes viruses needed to create virulence all hiding out.  They are hiding in the gut as noted by my Doug Coil Rife Machine.  When I pass this machine over my back at 1552 Hz my intestines vibrate indicating I have herpes and candida.  As you might imagine, shaking the bush causes the release of the berries and this leads to an outbreak the next day or two.

Thus to treat chronic herpes, I had to treat candida.  I started with essential oils with good success, but not even 75% of the candida was gone.  Next I moved to fermented S. Boullardii drink for about 6-8 months and that maybe killed 85%, however, my gut was still showing signs of candida and so was my liver.  Doctors in the U.S. refuse to treat with anti-fungals due to the liver damage it causes (which I believe is from too much fungus in the liver to begin with) and the rapid drug resistance that funguses form.

My final question is this, can I flood my gut with so much good bacteria and good fungus that there is too much quorum traffic?  Can I interrupt the communications of the bad bacteria and bad fungus by having too much good bacteria and good fungus in my gut.  If there are too many neighbors, will the bad bacteria and fungus hide out in a non-virulent state until the body can eliminate them.

I was on Valtrex for about a month at 1 gram per day, but the arthralgia and arthritis pain it caused was too much.  I’ve been off Valtrex now for 2 months and everything seems to be going very well.

I continue to drink Yakult probiotic drink, take probiotics, take S. Boullardii and drink fermented S. Boullardii and I try to eat a large salad every day to help the gut heal and provide my body with the nutrients it needs.


Candida – biological warfare (Saccharomyces Boulardii, SCOBY, and Kombucha)

So there are bad fungus and bacteria while there are also good bacteria and fungus. Many of us would never consider the phrase good bacteria – at the first sign of filth, out comes the disinfecting hand gel. So, I’ve known about S. Boulardii for years and I’ve been taking it, but not properly. With the candida infection I have, I was practically peeing on a wildfire. I started taking 3 pills, 3 times a day of S. Boulardii and drinking 3-5 Yakult like (whatever they have at Costco in bulk) probiotic drinks a day.

The results have been very interesting to say the least. I am pain free and can skip a day or two of Valtrex without issue. I had some terrible (like clear a room) gas as the S. Boulardii attacked and displaced the candida. So now I am all about fermented foods and saw a video on coconut water kefir so I took a spin on it. 2 liters of coconut water and 2 opened capsules of S. Boulardii mixed in a jar with a cloth lid and rubber band and let it sit in my garage (90-100 degrees in Texas). 2-3 times a day I mix up the drink and take a turkey baster or two in a glass of San Pellegrino soda with ice. I like the grapefruit and blood orange soda personally. After a week I found a large slimy mass at the bottom, that is a SCOBY – Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast, but this is just the native form of Boulardii. It is not a big deal, I just keep mixing and drinking. Eventually you get a clear gelatin SCOBY FLOATING ON TOP. It is very similar to Nata De Coco

I thought I would add a bacteria like acidophilus or bifidus. Don’t do this, my SCOBY went from a clear jellyfish white to a brown mass that produced a stinky, nutty flavored kefir drink. And the gas was even more terrible. I threw that SCOBY down the drain and started again.

I will write more about Kombucha later, but begin to read about and how to make it, but do not drink it yet. Kombucha yeast is somehow similar to candida (they speak the same language with herpes) and herpes will flare up when it is consumed. Until the entire colon is coated with an S. Boulardii SCOBY (3-5 months), the Kombucha may be too much. However, I believe it is beneficial, but does not attract herpes, it just tells herpes to release and attack. See the TED talk on Quorum Sensing for more info.

Even a small sip of Kombucha caused issues initially, but I am now adding it to my soda with S. Boulardii.

(Update 7/19/14) The kombucha caused pretty serious issues. This is because it is not known what is in your Kombucha SCOBY, it probably contained candida. I plan to stick to S. boulardii and Kefir.

FYI, I added the S. Boulardii SCOBY to a Kombucha SCOBY and they were fully meshed within 48 hours, so the colonies are compatible. In fact kombucha is typically S. Boulardii, but can contain candida.

I find it best just to make S. Boulardii in coconut water.