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I have been asked to summarize 10 years of articles into a simple protocol and what I am doing now so here is an attempt.

First, I think it is important to understand my symptoms to understand the protocol I use for myself:

  • I am sore every single day with very few no-pain days
  • Most of my symptoms are on the left side of my lower body.
  • My tailbone is usually always sore on the left side.
  • When things get real bad, both hamstrings (back of legs) ache and the area behind my right knee aches
  • Usually my lower-right butt cheek gets real sore when sitting on long car rides
  • My lower back can get real sore
  • Occasionally the middle of my spine will get real sore
  • I’ve had sharp shooting nerve pain go from my left testicle up to the middle of my back
  • It usually feels like an ant or flea is biting my penis
  • Occasionally my scrotum will feel like it is on fire
  • Occasionally the left side of my penis will feel like it is on fire
  • I rarely have full outbreaks as I stop them, but I do occasionally have an outbreak (typically the ingrown hair like bump)
  • I can clearly see a red skin on the penis and scrotum when things are really bad (quite rare)
  • I take 500mg of Valtrex daily and it doesn’t help much, 1G daily gives me terrible joint pain.

So that is it for symptoms and this is what I do to calm them down significantly:

And that is 10 years of research in a nutshell.  I just had a terrible attack (1/20/2014) of fire crotch, ant bites, sore lower back, and incredibly sore hamstrings, buttocks, and behind the right knee.  I shut it down quickly with Pau D’Arco tea, Candex Cellulose Enzyme, and Valtrex 1G daily.  BTW, I already take 500mg of Valtrex daily. Probably had something to do with my latest research below.



My latest experiment is making Valtrex more effective.  However, one must be acidic for herpes to enter the cell where Valtrex can actually deactivate it.  This goes against 10 years of alkalizing myself.  I have been keeping the virus out of my cells, but if I want to effectively use Valtrex then I actually want the virus inside the cells.  For more you can follow along:

I have very little understanding of the dangers of Phosphates of which there are a lot, so please use my research with EXTREME CAUTION!!!!


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