New to Herpes

So, you’re new to herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2)?

What can I say other than sorry, but don’t dispair? Here are my recommendations for some things to do to attempt to maintain your sanity:

1.The very first thing you must do is see a doctor and ensure that you indeed have HSV-2.
This is important because you may have HSV-1, aka cold sores. Yes, you can have a reaction to cold sores in your pelvic region, but all posts I’ve read indicate that HSV-1 does not like to live below the waistline. So, you may have a few outbreaks of HSV-1 on your groin, but they may disappear after that. Hence, you may engage in a relationship with an HSV-2 partner only to discover a new and more painful outbreak.
However, a doctor may only be able to identify the initial outbreak during the first few days when they can do a culture test of the active sores. Otherwise, you may have to wait roughly 12 weeks for your body to develop the antibodies which will appear in a blood test.
I’m sorry, I know it can be difficult to talk to your family doctor about STDs, especially in small towns. However, the sooner you can find help, the better off you will be. From my experience and reading, most doctors are completely clueless when it comes to Herpes so good luck. For blood tests, I highly recommend

2. Perhaps an anti-depressant is called for.
Now, you don’t have to go high-end with a prescription. You can get some mental relief from St. John’s Wort and Vitamin B. St. John’s Wort may have some side effects as your mental state attempts to balance, but a time-release multi Vitamin B is a great thing. See the individual sections on each of these items for more details. If you are in a very bad way I recommend speaking to a doctor or therapist. This thing is a bitch, but it is not the end of the world.

3. Get Involved
There are lots of support groups where you can get help.  There are also local support groups that have meetings and social get togethers.  Look them up, I’m sure you’ll find a sympathetic shoulder to lean on.

4.Some Good Resources

5.Next, read on through my blog for helpful information – start with “What’s Working

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