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Vitamin C


Use caution – aka ascorbic acid. I was taking 1000-3000mg/day. No wonder I was having such a hard time with my outbreaks in the beginning. You need Vitamin C, just be cautious and take an antacid a bit later.  Please read my section on a low acid diet to understand this in more detail.

I truly believe that bacteria thrive in basic environments and viruses thrive in acidic environments.  This is why our bodies are able to bounce back and forth between the two states.  I believe Linus Pauling saw great results in patients with bad bacterial infections, he was simply increasing their blood acidity.  However, mega dosing on Vitamin C will only cause you massive amounts of herpes pain and certainly no cure.

You are the cure!

Okay, once you have accepted the fact that you have Herpes and you are ready to face this thing head on, you need to let this virus lose on your system so your system can attempt to build an immunity to it.

The problem

I started anti-virals the very first week I discovered I had Herpes and I proceeded to up the dosage of Valtrex to 1000mg/day sometimes twice a day in order to keep the outbreaks at bay. However, I had to take drugs because when I was first infected, the outbreaks caused major pain and damage. My lymph nodes swelled up so bad I felt one burst. The virus would climb down my legs (internally) making nearly impossible to walk or sit and it would leave nerve damage for 3-4 months.

The solution

Read about the current experiments and what’s working (low acid diet, antacids, licorice, aloe vera, tea tree oil, a cleanse, low stress, proper diet, etc.) and when you are ready, throttle back the prescription drugs and give your body a chance to do its thing.

I say this works because I was that person.  The person who simply thought about stopping drugs and I would have an outbreak. When I did stop and try to face it, the Herpes virus attacked me so badly that I thought there was no fighting it. However, I recently had a 3 month outbreak where sores came and went back-to-back, but by following “What’s Working” I was able to keep it at bay enough for my system to figure it out. I finally went back on Famvir for about a week and now I can stop an outbreak in its tracks with a few antacids.

Aloe Vera

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Report 2


Taking Aloe Vera pills internally cause me to have some of the worst acne every. In theory it was cleaning out my system and I was simply taking too much of it, but it didn’t really seem to help much with the Herpes outbreaks.

Update (1/20/08):
Aloe Vera is supposed to naturally reduce the acid in your stomach.  In order to reduce my overall PH levels, I am now taking Aloe Vera internally.  No major positive signs just yet, but I will keep you posted.


Aloe Vera gel seems to work pretty well. I’m not real sure about it, but I won’t risk using Licorice during the day due to the odor, so in order to have something on, I use aloe vera gel. Some users have commented on the success of antibacterial gel, but I’ve noticed that lots of those have Aloe Vera in them so there may be a correlation. Besides, if nothing else, it will keep your skin smooth and soft.

Liquid Licorice Root

Report 1

Licorice Root (available via Herb-Pharm, Whole Foods, or your local health food store for about $11/oz.) is said to inactivate the herpes virus.


Internally, I took a dropper full of Licorice Root orally under my tongue once a day for about 3 months with zero noticeable affect.

WARNING: Licorice Root can raise your blood pressure to deadly levels. I’d even be cautious with deglycerinized licorice.


Topically, I believe Licorice Root is probably about as close to a cure for Herpes as you can get. I have a small spray bottle that I keep in my bathroom and I spray my groin region and rub it in when there are signs of outbreak or shedding (slightly pink areas, itching, etc.). Since the virus will attempt to go around it, it is best to spray and work it into the entire region.

Update: I believe there is a synergistic effect when Licorice Root is used with Tea Tree Oil. The combination appear to work better than either one by themselves. The Tea Tree Oil has a sort of menthol effect of keeping the pores open so that the Licorice Root can be absorbed.

Update 11/1/07: See Current Experiements

It’s Working!

These are the things that are currently working for me, your mileage may vary, but I hope you too will have some success.

A reduced acid environment.

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Report 2

You will read it many times that virii love an acidic environment and based on my experience I would have to agree. Are you aware that as you get older your system becomes more acidic and your body tries to maintain a balance by releasing calcium from your bones in order to neutralize the acid – thus osteoporosis? Additionally, when you get colder your acid levels increase – hence the outbreak of cold sores in the winter. So, what can you do to reduce the acid in your system?

Tagamet HB (Generic Name: Cimetidine)

Report 1

That’s right, something as simple as a $10 pack of Tagamet HB can seriously help your Herpes. However, I have found that this is NOT a long term solution. I was able to take Tagamet HB twice a day for one month before my body began to compensate. Therefore, I would only recommend Tagamet during an outbreak as it simply cannot be a lifestyle.
I believe Tagamet works two fold – it reduces the acid in your stomach and your system, plus food passes less digested into the colon. The body must increase its immunity in order to compensate for any parasites that may have made it through the stomach. On a side note, if you do take Tagamet I recommend increasing your fiber or taking a stool softner/laxative as your body will spend long attempting to digest the food in your colon.


Yep, your basic antacids do a pretty good job of reducing the acid in your system. You can do baking soda in water on occasion, but the sodium content is very high. TUMS and Rolaids work great and they give you a little extra calcium.


Stop the acid before it gets into your system. What is acid? If it taste tart or bitter, it is probably acidic. Things like coffee and vinegar (pickles, kraut, etc.) are great sources of acid so you will have to limit your intake of these items. Also, anything that is hard to digest will cause your stomach to produce more acid so easy on the red meat and large meals in general. Acids in your diet are fine, but be sure to balance them out with antacids.

Licorice & Aloe Vera

Licorice is awesome when applied topically and Aloe Vera may be having some effect. Please see What’s Working for more info.


Folks, I hate to admit it, but so far the only thing that has always worked for me are prescription strength drugs like Acyclovir, Valtrex and Famvir. I’m sorry to break it to you, but after 4 years, this is the only thing that I can count on 100% of the time to stop outbreaks. Valtrex at 1000mg/day gave me a horrible case of blurred vision and Arthritis (Arthralgia actually, but who cares, it still hurt like hell) so now I’m on Famvir which has its own issues. I hate them, I don’t want to be on them, they are expensive, and did I mention, I hate them.


Yes, stress on the mind and body will cause an outbreak. Don’t get enough sleep, bam! Have a bad day at work, bam! Get a sunburn, bam! In order to reduce stress, get plenty of sleep, relax and take a time released Multi B Vitamin.