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Candida – Essential Oils (Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial)

So, I took essential oils for about two months with interesting effects. I took tea-tree oil, clove bud oil, cinnamon leaf oil, peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender, and oregano oil. I put 40 drops of oregano oil and 20 drops of the others into a small dropper bottle and mixed. (Warning: Most of these oils say do not ingest, but I void warranties with abandon). I started taking 2 drops of the mixture in a gelatin capsule. I very slowly ramped up to 12 drops 2-3 times a day. However, for the first month, I walked around in a haze of brain fog. It felt like I was drunk for most of the day. I never increased my dosage in this state, but remained where I was. I stuck with it because I could tell things were getting better. Pains were disappearing, carbohydrate cravings were lessened. However, missing a dose of Valtrex would still stir things up. So, a continuous stream of anti-fungals and anti-biotics isn’t the answer, but it certainly helped knock the Candida/bad-fungus and bad-bacteria down. I also used this combination or Fire-Out or Eye of Newt on my heels and the cracked heels are gone. I’m hoping the cracked intestines have been able to heal with this concoction. It is critical to remove the leaky gut situation and kill candida before herpes can be cured.

Candida, candida, candida

So attacking herpes with Valtrex and Phosphate (Ultra Phos Liquid – Phosphoric Acid) has been good, great even.  Phosphates will eliminate any arthralgia pain even at 1g of Valtrex daily – a dropper or two of Ultra Phos and the joint pains are gone.  It has stopped the pelvic region and penial pains, but if I stop my Candex cellulase enzymes then I get the pains in my ass, tailbone, and down my hamstrings.  So, again (many times) I come back to Candida.  I just used my Doug Coil at 1552 Hz and there are still vibrations in the small & large intestines and in the liver.

Doing research on anti-fungal medication is pretty scary stuff as it can destroy a liver.  But wait, if a liver is infested with fungus and you kill off all of the fungus, then of course there will be issues.  However, if you go too slow with antifungals then you can get a resistant strain so it is important to hit it hard.  It is nearly impossible to get a U.S. doctor to prescribe anti-fungal medicines, but products like oral Lamasil are available over the counter in other countries.

Reading up on the essential oils of Thyme, Oregano, Cinnamon,  Pau D’ Arco,  Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Peppermint indicate they have a lot of anti-fungal properties and can be ingested.  I’m not sure about these oils:

“All twelve fungi were inhibited by seven oils (aegle, citronella, geranium, lemongrass, orange, palmarosa and patchouli). Eucalyptus and peppermint oils were effective against eleven fungi.” – link


Thus, maybe I can use essential oils and teas to drive the fungus back as much as possible, push it into a cyst state, and then hit it with anti-fungal medication to avoid excessive damage to the liver?  More to come.

Tie the pieces together

I may finally be tying it all together.



Thymidine Kinase

Phosphorylation and Phosphatase


What all of this says is that Acyclovir uses phosphates to inhibit viral replication.

Image of Acyclovir inhibiting viral replication:

As noted much earlier a Calcium pump is used for Herpes to enter/exit a cell so more calcium ions eject herpes and fewer calcium allow herpes to enter.  However, Calcium and Acid (H+) suck up available phosphates (Calcium Phosphate).  In essence, Herpes has hacked its way around nature so that it can enter cells and not be stopped.

I have been using Calcium to throttle and stop Herpes outbreaks, but I have not been adding neutralized phosphates.  I have begun adding Phosphoric Acid  (20 drops) and baking soda (1/8 tsp.) into the mix and alternating in Calcium weekly by stopping phosphates for a day, then taking calcium for a day, waiting a day, then starting phosphates.  I have just begun (12/7/13) and will post findings, but so far so good.

WARNING: Kidney stones are often Calcium Phosphate so I am drinking plenty of water while attempting this and attempting to avoid overlapping Calcium and Phosphates treatments.



Treat candida to treat herpes

To effectively treat severe herpes I have focused on treating candida. I had zero symptoms for about 3 months after hitting candida, but then I took an antibiotic and didn’t replenish my probiotics. I started eating a lot of carbs and bam, the symptoms came back slowly and thne constantly.

I refocused on candida with a Yeast Cleanse (Capryllic acid, Pau D’ Arco, tea tree, oregano, etc.), and Cellulase enzyme. I hit it hard and the die off was terrible for about a week. Very strong near outbreaks, sore back, legs, buttocks, swollen lymph, etc. However, I treated that with the calcium, MSM, omega-3 mix to alkalize the acid and Eye of Newt topically. I also upped my VItamin D to 10,000 IU (I’m 210 lbs.) per day. Occasionally I’m adding MagO7 in the evening to get the Cellulase enzyme distributed throughout the colon.

What happens is as the candida dies, the billions of herpes viruses are released from the candida branches and the body is overwhelmed as it attempts to clear it out. The body is perfectly capable of dealing with herpes in low quantities, but when there is a candida overgrowth then there is an area for herpes and potentially HIV to gather and grow over time.

The mass die-off is bad and the Eye of Newt applied topically really, really helps.

Killing fungus is a long, slow, tedious process. Maintaining a low-carb bulletproof diet is very difficult, however, I’ve been on high protein, high fat, and low carb for about 2 months. The first month was really the hardest as my system got used to it.

One mistake was Coconut oil versus MCT oil and now my LDL is high and HDL is low so I do need to monitor my cholesterol.

I ran my Doug Coil Rife Machine on my system last night (9/16/13) and my large colon has very small indication of candida. I ran through the frequencies 802.3 Hz, 1467.6Hz, 1552 Hz and got minor hits at 1552. I did feel some hits in my small colon so I will continue my low-carb, fungus fight.

Healing Leaf LLC – Eye of Newt

Well, here is a new one that I’m just discovering and just starting to research.  My findings are very preliminary, but I want to get the info out in case others are willing to experiment and report back their findings.

Healing Leaf LLC – Eye of Newt wart and skin tag remover.  It makes little sense as to why it is doing what it is doing, but it is doing it very well.  And what it is doing is eliminating all signs of herpes.  When I place a small amount on my tailbone (don’t apply too low or it will burn like BenGay) and the backs of my thighs, all pain goes away.  No prodrome itch, bites, burn, or fire on the genitals – pain is just gone.  No ache in the buttocks, thighs, lower-back, nothing.  I don’t get it, but I’m thinking it is the Celandine or Mullein.

WARNING: This product should not be placed on sensitive skin like genitals or anus.  However, that didn’t stop me from experimenting.  Yes, the first time I applied it to my nether region I thought I was going to be sick and then pass out – it is that bad.  However, after a few moments I noticed that only the prodrome areas continued to burn intensely.  Over the next few days I noticed just the normal burn while the prodrome areas had “healed” and didn’t have the intense burn.  After that, the general burning became less and less.  When I did have pains on the back of my thighs or buttock I would apply there as well.


Here are the ingredients


Oregano Oil

Red Clover



  • I’ve tried bloodroot by itself in the past on an outbreak with horrific effects.  It basically signals the body to reject any ill or infected cells.

Mullein and Here and Here



Emu Oil and Here

So, today I have a 1 oz. tin of Eye of Newt which I apply a small portion to my tailbone each night before bed.  It has a strong odor, but is not unpleasant – kind of like a minty patchouli.  It seems to be working wonders.  I’d love to hear your results.

I believe Eye of Newt draws or “pulls” T-cells to the surface and into the nerves where they do not normally reside, based on current vaccine research here and here.
Update 4/21/17: I simply love this product and nothing works better at removing the nerve pain associated with herpes.  Whenever I feel burning in my groin, I apply some Eye of Newt to my tailbone, my buttocks, back of thighs, behind knees, and yes to the groin.  When applied to the groin it is very, very painful but only the first day.  The next day it is not as painful.  I believe when the virus is present the pain increases, but it is just a theory.




Enzyme Therapy

Read about Enzymes and read more about enzymes.

Then read this article.

Read about Protein Folding

Understand that a large portion of the cell’s nucleus is not just DNA, but proteins.

Also understand that proteins are everywhere even in the lipid coating surrounding our friends Herpes & Candida. An enzyme is a special type of protein that is like a key that can cause larger proteins to fold & unfold. As you age, your body slows down the production of enzymes and by supplementing, you can make an efficient use of the proteins in your diet and rebuild your nuclear protein stores. You can also speed up chemical reactions – like the destruction of foreign bodies in your system.

I am currently on a high-potency enzyme. I take 3 each night before bed as they can’t be mixed with food, otherwise, they just break down the food.

[UPDATE 5/14/13] After a week on 3 high potency (180,000 HUT each) each night before bed the lymph nodes in my right armpit became very sore so I cut back for a few days until the swelling went down and I’m starting back in at 2 per night. I’ve increased my exercise to attempt to flush the lymph system. Always listen to your body and throttle back anything that may be overloading your waste removal system.

Bulletproof Coffee

Great, I’ve found another bio-hacker who is driven to change the norm. Dave Asprey over at has optimized the low-carb diet and figured out a great way to get large amounts of coconut oil into the system with his bulletproof coffee. We know coconut oil is the foundation for all great herpes and candida killing substances like monolaurin, lauric acid, caprylic acid, and yet to be discovered substances.

Some research indicates that Alzheimer’s is caused by a herpes virus. The brain produces plaque in response to the virus, they know this because they blocked plaque production and patients got much worse. When they analyzed the plaque they found herpes DNA. And, when patients take coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil their Alzheimer’s symptoms lessen.

I have been doing my modified bulletproof mocha (good coffee, spoonful coconut oil, dark chocolate, agave syrup, and pat of grass fed butter blended with a small milk frother – Ikea $0.89) for about 3 weeks and I can actually skip a day or 3 of Valtrex (500mg). Remember, there was a time when I couldn’t even think about missing a day of 1000mg of Valtrex without getting symptoms.

I still have symptoms, but they are so minor that ‘I have herpes’ is not the first thought in my head every morning. A little back/butt pain, occasional leg pain, and some very rare shaft pain, but again, it is minor.

If something does act up I hit it with calcium, MSM, and omega-3. This is also how bulletproof coffee works, coffee has sulfur, just like MSM, which breaks the omega/coconut oil down to be used by the body to transport the calcium through the body which helps transport oxygen.

What might be helping here besides the benefits of the coconut oil is the fact that the liver is being stimulated regularly and purging it’s waste. I can’t say for sure, but life is pretty good these days. I’m not cured and I doubt I will find a cure, but my forced journey into health, cleansing, nutrition, pH balancing, parasites, and everything else has been interesting to say the least. Who knows, I may live to be an active 120.

However, I am proceeding on bulletproof with caution, the last thing I need is to have open-heart surgery with blocked arteries. Ensure you read with the same depth you read this blog and understand the WHY, not just the WHAT. Dave Asprey and I understand our systems because we have been hacking for extended periods and are in tune with our bodies and know how to push and when to pull back. Years of cleansing also allow my body to take extreme treatments with minor side-effects so I may assume they are harmless. However, a newbie may try something and have such a violent Herx they end up in the hospital. It makes me think of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park – wisdom is incredibly powerful, make sure you have the proper knowledge and understanding to wield it.