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Summary 9/5/08


So I’ve tried it all and this is my conclusion – nothing works better than drugs (Famvir & Valtrex).  You’d think this was a pharmacutical ploy, but I can honestly tell you that there is nothing else that works for me.  My Doug Coil is awesome and it certainly helps, but it is not the cure I was looking for.  I stopped drugs for 3 days and had my worst outbreak ever, perhaps because I was eating a lot of Almonds and other nuts or perhaps because the coil had aggravated the system.  I’m very disappointed and distraught as I approach my 5 year anniversary.

So, here is what I currently have in my medicine cabinet and what I use on a regular basis:

  • Famvir twice daily
  • Daflon once daily
  • During an outbreak I apply DMSO and liquid licorice root to entire groin area and lower/mid back
  • During an outbreak take mega-doses of Lysine (4-6 pills 1-3 times daily)
  • Maintaining a basic pH system through diet (calcium, magnesium, etc.)
  • Probiotics daily
  • Virattack or Anti-V Formula

On a slightly more esoteric front I also use these:

  • Using my Doug Coil Machine on a regular basis (Frequencies: 532, 832, 556, 848, 808, 732)
  • Using a Bob Beck wrist zapper

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I will continue to experiment as I discover new and interesting information on the web and in medical journals.  At this point we can pretty much only hope for a vaccine.

Good luck out there.

Oxycodone & Herpes Don’t Mix

Occasionally people are struck with intense pain of some form or another and doctors will prescribe Oxycodone. I recently had a very sore neck and back and I took a half Oxycodone. I did that two nights in a row and shortly thereafter I was having an outbreak that Tea Tree Oil, liquid Licorice Root, and antacids were having very little effect on. The outbreak only lasted about 4 days, but once the virus retreated into the spine it just went wild. It went up and down my spine inflaming nerves along the way. I finally broke down and had to take Famvir to bring it back under control. Oxycodone usage in the past has lead to outbreaks, but it wasn’t previously correlated.

If you are in major pain I would recommend you try Motrin or some other pain reliever before using Oxycodone. I am now seeing a chiropractor and acupuncturist and looking to natural methods for pain relief.

Damn It!


I’ve never had an outbreak on my penis before as it has always been on the pelvic region. However, after my first experiment with licorice root I noticed it finally started to find a new home on the penis shaft.

The beauty is that I have discovered the wonders of liquid licorice root and tea tree oil. I had my first indication on Thursday morning that I was starting an outbreak. I applied licorice root and Thursday night was slightly blistered. Friday morning had more blisters than I had hoped for so I applied more licorice and tea tree oil and took a single 250mg of Famvir. Saturday night and my outbreak is nothing more than slight scabs from broken blisters.

Today is Sunday and the outbreak is pretty much gone. For me a 4 day outbreak is incredibly short and unbelievable. My lower back is pretty sore, but I’m hoping that a good night sleep will knock it down. If it is still sore in the morning, I may rub some DMSO on the region.

Well, the outbreak subsided, but the virus moved into my spine and was going up and down it causing lots of pain and pinched/inflamed nerves along the way. I did use a small amount of DMSO one night and the pain was gone immediately (just be very cautious if you use DMSO) At this point I am back on Famvir 250mg, twice a day. The neck and back are much better and I will be focusing on my diet, sleep, exercise, and stress in order to get it all back in shape so that I can stop taking Famvir very shortly.