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DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide)

Update 10/20/08

Dr Stanley Jacob

DMSO can help relieve the pain a bit, but it does not cure herpes. It may keep it at bay, but the risk involved are kind of high. I do recommend having some DMSO cream or liquid just in case, however, other items work better. If you are going to use DMSO be aware of the dangers and be very cautious about how you use it:

Report 1

“Perhaps the biggest danger with DMSO is that some people who think it is useful for self-treatment of sprains, arthritis and other problems may be willing to apply industrial grade or veterinary grade DMSO to their bodies, drink it or even inject it directly into their bloodstreams. Because DMSO is such a good solvent and is able to carry a wide spectrum of dissolved impurities through cell walls, severe consequences could result if the impure industrial or veterinary grades of DMSO are used on humans.

Dr. James R. Crook, professor of medicine at the University of Alaska and a specialist in human diseases, expresses the fear that users of DMSO may be unaware of how fast the solvent and materials dissolved in it can penetrate the skin and other parts of the body. Because of the fast action, a substance which by itself might have limited or no effect could cause serious damage or death if accidentally or intentionally applied to the body in a DMSO solution.”

Thus, make sure the area you are applying DMSO is extremely clean with a mild soap like Cetaphil. Once it is on, be mindful of the clothing you are putting on (detergents, fabric softeners, dies, etc.) and the bedding you are sleeping on.

Note: DMSO will attract water directly out of the air. Once you apply DMSO it will enter the core of the cell and begin to cause the cell to expand by drawing in water – not a ton, but some. Joins may feel better, but the region may feel slightly swollen or stiff. I note this because during my first outbreak I applied DMSO liberally to my groin and proceeded to have a lymph node swell and burst. It wasn’t a bad or painful thing, I simply felt it pop and I’m sure it was due to my use of DMSO. Just be real careful when using this stuff and do some Google research first.


Having said all of that, if I am having extensive pain in my lower back or down the legs like I did in the beginning, I will apply a small amount of DMSO.

Update 10/20/08

I will modify my above statements after doing a much more extensive study with DMSO.  DMSO is not nearly as dangerous as all of these websites would have you believe.  Please see the Videos of Dr. Stanley Jacob on YouTube.  I am now using DMSO extensively with liquid licorice extract and MMS.  DMSO by itself can also reduce the backache associated with a herpes outbreak.

Lymphatic Massage & Yoga


The lymphatic system is responsible for removing bacterial and viral waste from the body and is a basis for the immune system.  If you have a poor lymph system and you’ve had an outbreak you may have noticed painful lumps behind your knees, in your hamstring muscles, or in your armpits.  Unfortunately the lymph fluid is not pumped through the body like blood, it is moved mostly by the contractions of skeletal muscles.  The sedentary American lifestyle is not one of muscle contractions.  Thus it is important to get lymphatic massage and practice yoga.  These will help ensure that the lymph fluid is flowing properly and that your body is able to more readily remove cellular waste from your system.  If the lymph system is unable to remove the herpes virus, the virus will continue to remain in the system and replicate.  It is important to have a healthy immune system so that it can perform its function properly.

Summary 9/5/08


So I’ve tried it all and this is my conclusion – nothing works better than drugs (Famvir & Valtrex).  You’d think this was a pharmacutical ploy, but I can honestly tell you that there is nothing else that works for me.  My Doug Coil is awesome and it certainly helps, but it is not the cure I was looking for.  I stopped drugs for 3 days and had my worst outbreak ever, perhaps because I was eating a lot of Almonds and other nuts or perhaps because the coil had aggravated the system.  I’m very disappointed and distraught as I approach my 5 year anniversary.

So, here is what I currently have in my medicine cabinet and what I use on a regular basis:

  • Famvir twice daily
  • Daflon once daily
  • During an outbreak I apply DMSO and liquid licorice root to entire groin area and lower/mid back
  • During an outbreak take mega-doses of Lysine (4-6 pills 1-3 times daily)
  • Maintaining a basic pH system through diet (calcium, magnesium, etc.)
  • Probiotics daily
  • Virattack or Anti-V Formula

On a slightly more esoteric front I also use these:

  • Using my Doug Coil Machine on a regular basis (Frequencies: 532, 832, 556, 848, 808, 732)
  • Using a Bob Beck wrist zapper

That’s all I’ve got for now, but I will continue to experiment as I discover new and interesting information on the web and in medical journals.  At this point we can pretty much only hope for a vaccine.

Good luck out there.

Probiotics (Acidophilus & Bifidus)!!!

So, using my Doug Coil Rife Machine I discovered that my intestines were loaded with bad bacteria.  I “coiled” the bacteria which certainly helped to kill it (read pee-eew), but I didn’t want it coming back.  So I did some looking and found this great article.  Great, I can improve my intestines and possibly help along my herpes cause.  I started with mega-dosing – 2 pills, 3 times a day for a week and then down to 2 pills once a day for a week, then 1 pill a day for added to my daily intake of pills.  After the first week the “hits” with the Doug Machine were non-existant.  Thankfully it appears that the good bacteria is more dominant that the bad bacteria and it has taken over.

A nice side effect is that I am no longer as hungery.  It would appear that my intestines are now able to absorb the nutrients they need from the food that I do eat.

Rife Technology (Doug Coil Machine)

To begin, I am a huge fan of Nikola Tesla.  Nikola discovered that everything has a resonating frequency.  This work was continued by other scientist and finalized by Royal Rife where he build a microscope in the 20’s with which he could view living bacteria and viruses (a feat not repeated to this day).  Rife proceeded to determine the MOR (Mortal Oscillatory Rate) at which various creatures died.  Royal Rife proceeded to build a Rife Generator which used a plasma tube to generate light frequencies along the MOR scale to help kill certain bugs.

Image an opera singer and a wine glass – it shatters when the singer hits the MOR of the glass.  Rife did the same thing with bacteria and viruses.

Rife’s work continued by experimenters until a large list of frequencies were compiled which covered most ailments.

The problem was that Nikola Tesla and Hulda Clark attempted to use electricity which shoots along the outside of the body, organs, and cells.  Rife attempted to use light frequencies which don’t penetrate very deep.  The issue is to get deep inside of the cell at these frequencies in order to kill the bacteria or virii.  Enter the Doug Coil Machine or Doug Device.  This devices drives a frequency through a magnetic coil which is held close to the body.  That magnetic frequency causes electrical and vibratory effects within the body, organs, and cells.  Tune it to a certain frequency and you are zapping on a whole new level.  For about $1500 you can build your own Doug Coil Machine as well.

To date many people are using the Doug Coil Machine to successfully treat Lyme Disease, but I have had very good success using it to treat genital herpes.

I am currently taking (7/23/08) generic Famvir and using the Doug Coil and Bob Beck Zapper treat herpes based on the following article.  I believe the Doug Coil kills many of the herpes virii and shakes lose any remainders which are then killed by the Famvir.

New approach offers chance to finally kill herpes U.S. researchers reported on Wednesday they may have found a way to flush out herpes viruses from hiding — offering a potential way to cure pesky and painful conditions from cold sores to shingles. They discovered that a mysterious gene carried by the herpes simplex-1 virus — the one that causes cold sores — allows the virus to lay low in the nerves it infects. It does so via microRNAs, little pieces of genetic material that regulate the activity of many viruses, the researchers report in the journal Nature. It may be possible to “wake up” the virus and then kill it with standard antiviral drugs such as acyclovir, said Jennifer Lin Umbach of Duke University in North Carolina, who worked on the study. “We are trying to go into animal trials,” Umbach said in a telephone interview. The Duke team is discussing a potential collaboration with Regulus Therapeutics LLC, a joint venture between Alnylam Pharmaceuticals, Inc and Isis Pharmaceuticals, Inc that specializes in microRNAs. Herpes viruses cause permanent infections. They head straight to nerve cells, where they stay latent for the life of an animal or person, often causing periodic outbreaks. Herpes simplex 1 or HSV-1 causes cold sores, HSV-2 causes genital herpes, while varicella causes chicken pox and returns in middle or old age as herpes zoster to cause shingles. Acyclovir and related drugs can suppress symptoms but only when the virus is active.

“Inactive virus is completely untouchable by any treatment we have. Unless you activate the virus, you can’t kill it,” said Bryan Cullen, who oversaw the research. Umbach said that for still unknown reasons, viruses infecting different neurons in the same body activate at different times, making it impossible to eradicate an infection. Her team found that a gene called LAT controls microRNAs that turn off other genes in the virus. “The presence of these active microRNAs keep the virus dormant,” Umbach said. “When the virus is activated by stress like UV (ultraviolet) light or a wound, production of (other) genes goes up.” Then LAT is overwhelmed and unable to keep the virus in check. It wakes up and causes an outbreak. A drug that would turn off the microRNAs could drive the virus out of hiding and allow all copies of the virus to be killed with acyclovir, she said. “You would have one cold sore but you would get rid of it,” she said. Curing something more painful, such as shingles, might be a little trickier, she added. One class of drug called an antagomir might work, Umbach said. These chemically engineered oligonucleotides are short segments of RNA that can be made into mirror images of a targeted bit of genetic material — such as the herpes microRNAs. They would attach and “silence” the microRNA. The potential market is large. An estimated one in five Americans have genital herpes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, while 100 million have the HSV-1 virus that causes cold sores.  The CDC estimates there are a million cases of shingles every year in the United States alone.

After my first few sessions with the Doug Coil I had two outbreaks.  The outbreaks never amounted to more than a single bump which was gone within 24 hours (3 days with scabbing).  However, they were two of the most painful outbreaks I have ever had – like things were on fire.  This was absolute proof for me that the Doug Coil was working.  I have been using it approximately daily for about a month now (7/23/08) and I have been outbreak free since the second one.  Typically prior to understanding the acid/base balance I would have regular outbreaks even while on medication and they would last for a week or more.

The Doug Coil also got rid of some allergy/hives I was having as a side effect of coiling for herpes.  These machines are pretty amazing, but 100% experimental.  I may be sterile or causing other major problems with my system, but at least I’m outbreak free for the first time in 5 years.  However, if you follow this blog you will see that most of my “cures” only last at most 3 months.  So check back in December to see where I am with my Doug Coil “cure”.

I will be going off of Famvir at the end of July to rate the progress of the Doug Coil and see if it can kill herpes all on its own.  Please send me any questions in the meantime.

Update 8/10/08:

Well, as you know this thing is damn near impossible to deal with.  I believe I am hitting frequencies which are causing the dormant virus to activate which then causes an outbreak even though I am on Famvir twice a day.  I’ve had 3 outbreaks in about as many weeks (7/11, 7/29, 8/3).  They only last a day or two which is so much better than what I was going through before, but I am still having them.  The frequency 532 Hz does work very well on an outbreak.  I felt an outbreak coming on so I “coiled” at 532 Hz and the outbreak literally broke out right before my eyes.  There was a very noticeable “hit”, swelling and within hours the outbreak was gone.  I was able to get it before it broke the skin and was literally completely gone by morning.  The 532 Hz frequency obviously kills the adult bugs in their tracks.  The trick is to kill the dormant virus before it can mature and cause an outbreak.

As of now I am remaining on the Famvir to help assist with any potential outbreaks the coil causes during experimentation.

*As a side note I have used the coil and had successful “hits” on intestinal bacteria, an enlarged prostate, and a sore throat.  All of which disappeared instantly or after a few treatments.  I am very confident of the Doug Coil’s abilities, unfortunately Herpes just happens to be one very elusive bug.

Upper Cervical Adjustments (NUCCA Chiropractic)

Report 1

I too am a huge fan of upper cervical adjustments of the C1 vertebrae (a.k.a. The Atlas).  I highly recommend NUCCA Chiropractic to anyone and everyone, but especially to people suffering from a viral infection of their nervous system.  After my very first NUCCA adjustment I was outbreak free for 3 months.  I equate it to the fact that my nervous system was being seriously pinched off and the brain didn’t realize there was a problem.  Once communication channels had been reopened, things began to flow and the body began to heal itself.  As a side note my left armpit smelled horrible after the adjustment as my body eliminated all kinds of toxins.

Also, I use this dumb neck massage pillow with great success from HoMedics.  It is cheaper than a NUCCA visit and does a good job at popping things back into place.  However, I highly recommend getting at least 3-4 adjustments before you use the pillow.  You want to make sure that the Atlas is in alignment and the pillow will just help keep it there.

More later…


Okay, so a comment recommended simply eating broccoli every day.  Granted there are lots of good things in broccoli and I even like the stuff.  However, I know that broccoli is high in Calcium which is a natural antacid and I believe that is a lot of the healing power it provides.  However, I have incorporated more broccoli into my diet just to be safe.  Thanks and keep the comments coming.

Type O Blood

So, if you too have been blessed with Herpes and Type O blood, then I feel for you. If you are like me, you probably have outbreaks continuously (I’m going on 5 years with this virus). Even when I am on Acyclovir drugs I still have outbreaks. I believe this is due to the acid nature of Type O blood. So, if you are Type O blood then you really need to be careful about what you are putting into your body and work extra hard are reducing acid levels with TUMS, Tagamet, Calcium, and Aloe Vera.

Bioflavonoids (Vitamin P) & Vitamin C

Report 1

I first discovered a herpes cure patent for 2 specific bioflavonoids (Diosmin & Hesperidin) which are sold in a product (Daflon) out of France, but I can’t find the patent any longer. Anyhow, I currently take Bronson Vitamins Citrus Bioflavonoids along with a Vitamin C as the combination is supposed to increase the absorption of both. Bioflavonoids are found in the white portion of the citrus peel. Typically bioflavonoids are supposed to help with vein health and are used in the treatment of varicose and spider veins. Perhaps they also help strengthen the walls of the nervous system.