We first learned about Dr. Todd and DRACO on 9/11/11.

Please support Dr. Todd Rider in his race to cure Herpes and all viruses via the Rider Institute.  Draco is rock solid science at its best.  Let’s find a cure and not a treatment.

Don’t Panic!

Now STOP!  Just STOP and slowly read this:

  • I have spent the last 12 years of my life buying and testing every product, supplement, vitamin, herb, medicine, etc. in an attempt to kill this virus.  I’ve done energy work, meditation, psychic healers, etc.  You name it, I’ve done it or tried it.  This website is my contribution to the herpes community.
  • I have done so much so that you do not have to.  This site contains everything you need to know including, most importantly, what DOESN’T work and why you should save your money.  Seriously, if you visit a website and there is a pop-up when you attempt to leave the website – it is a SCAM!!!  There is no cure for herpes, don’t waste your money.  Honestly, I’ve tried it and it has failed.  The only think you can do is get healthy.

Don’t Panic!

That’s right, don’t panic.  I did, and I am positive it did much more damage than the virus could have ever done on it’s own.  Are you aware that 80% of those infected with herpes never had an outbreak and never have symptoms of herpes.  It’s true, I have met and dated many of them and their stories hold water.  So, what is so different about you and them?  What can you do to regain your health and beat this virus?

Getting Healthy

Perhaps you’ve recently become infected, your symptoms are getting worse, or you just want to learn more about herpes and how to minimize the impact it has on your live.  I’ve learned that Western medicine is a pretty big joke and you’re going to need to learn about integrative  approach to health.  That means do everything you know you should be doing – eat, sleep, exercise, and Valtrex or Acyclovir.

This site is presented for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. This site details the personal experiences of real herpes sufferers and no one presently connected with the site is a medical professional. For a diagnosis of any condition and before undertaking any medical treatments or personal experimentation one should speak with a medical doctor.

This website is personally funded and has not received contributions from any organizations, commercial or otherwise. If you
contact us, we will not sell or give away your name or email address.

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  1. Has a blood test been done to see whether the virus has gone?

    The blood test will check for anti-bodies and not for the actual virus. Once you have herpes or any virus, you will always test positive for that virus.

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