Aloe Vera

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Taking Aloe Vera pills internally cause me to have some of the worst acne every. In theory it was cleaning out my system and I was simply taking too much of it, but it didn’t really seem to help much with the Herpes outbreaks.

Update (1/20/08):
Aloe Vera is supposed to naturally reduce the acid in your stomach.  In order to reduce my overall PH levels, I am now taking Aloe Vera internally.  No major positive signs just yet, but I will keep you posted.


Aloe Vera gel seems to work pretty well. I’m not real sure about it, but I won’t risk using Licorice during the day due to the odor, so in order to have something on, I use aloe vera gel. Some users have commented on the success of antibacterial gel, but I’ve noticed that lots of those have Aloe Vera in them so there may be a correlation. Besides, if nothing else, it will keep your skin smooth and soft.

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