Lymphatic Massage & Yoga


The lymphatic system is responsible for removing bacterial and viral waste from the body and is a basis for the immune system.  If you have a poor lymph system and you’ve had an outbreak you may have noticed painful lumps behind your knees, in your hamstring muscles, or in your armpits.  Unfortunately the lymph fluid is not pumped through the body like blood, it is moved mostly by the contractions of skeletal muscles.  The sedentary American lifestyle is not one of muscle contractions.  Thus it is important to get lymphatic massage and practice yoga.  These will help ensure that the lymph fluid is flowing properly and that your body is able to more readily remove cellular waste from your system.  If the lymph system is unable to remove the herpes virus, the virus will continue to remain in the system and replicate.  It is important to have a healthy immune system so that it can perform its function properly.

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