Salt, Vitamin C & Baking Soda (Salt/C)


Wouldn’t it figure, the day after “Simply Feeling Great” I began to get outbreaks again.  But these outbreaks were more typical old-school herpes.  I’d get a rash and then it wouldn’t really blister, but it would move or creep (Herpes is Greek for To Creep).  It moved all over the place.  However, a few times it simply dried up and went away – with amazing speed.  What was I doing to cause it to dry up?  To be honest I’m really not sure and I’ve currently got one hell of a blister patch.  I’m doing a million different things right now, but I will focus on the Salt/C/BS protocol which I think is the magic bullet, however, I have a bacterial sore throat right now and I cannot really test my theories because bacteria love an alkaline environment and viruses love an acidic environment, a real catch-22, as one way or another I’m going to be sick.  Right now I’m focused on curing the sore throat and hence I have a hell of an outbreak, but thankfully it is limited to just the blister patch and no back pain.

For the S/C/BS Protocol I take the following at the suggested times (Please read the WARNING below):


1/2 tsp. Baking Soda twice a day to akalize your system (8am & 10pm)
1/4 tsp. (1000 mg) good quality sea salt (NOT TABLE SALT) 2-4 times a day (10am, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm)
1/4 tsp. (1000 mg) Vitamin C which is Ascorbic Acid and will fight with the Baking Soda so timing is tough (10am, 2pm, 4pm, 8pm)

WARNING: Increasing your salt intake is going to raise your blood pressure.  Please seek medical advice prior to beginning this protocol.  Additionally, if you cannot drink plenty of clean water throughout the day, do not do this protocol.  Also, after reaching 3 grams of salt a day I did notice heart pains.  Please proceed with great caution.

Okay now for the really important part, ramp up slowly!  Let me repeat – start slowly, e.g. 1/2 tsp BS once a day and 1/4 tsp Salt/C once a day.  I’m not sure, but I think my current sore throat is either a Herx reaction or a cold from getting too alkaline too quickly allowing for a bacterial infection to set in.  BTW, at the first sign of being sick I increased my dosages thinking it would work great on a cold – I have NEVER had that bad of a stuffed head, no amount of decongestant would work.  However, I do believe my sinus infection is finally gone for good.

Also, you must go slowly so that your body can adjust to the new intake of salt.  The first few days you are going to bloat while your body adjust.  If you are too bloated, have a few shots or some decongestant to eliminate the excess water quickly, but drink plenty of water.  Ramp up slowly. Go slow. Don’t take too much too quickly, and go slow.

Why does this work – the excess salt works because that salt will be forced into any bacteria, viruses, or parasites in your body through osmosis.  If there is more salt outside the cell than inside the cell the salt will be forced in – it’s the way of the universe and they can’t fight it or become immune to it.  These things do not like salt water, one of the reasons the Dead Sea is dead.  However, we crawled out of the ocean and are salt water creatures so we do just fine.  I’m not sure about good bacteria in your gut and you will probably want to continue your probiotic intake.

Finally, you can ramp up to Salt/C every 2 hours and you can even double or triple your dosage every 2 hours (6 times a day) which is roughly 18 grams of Salt/C a day.  However, I noticed great results with just 3 grams of Salt/C a day.  Also, please seek medical advice if you are doing more than 2 grams of Salt/C a day as you may have a heart attack.

WARNING:  I did have heart pains after reaching 3g Salt/C per day.  I recommend taking it on an empty stomach with lots of water.  If you take it with food every two hours you may get a massive influx of salt all at once when the food is digested and you may find yourself in a world of hurt.


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  1. “bacteria love an alkaline environment and viruses love an acidic environment”

    I heard the same thing from Atom Bergstrom. Got a source for this?

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