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I will say that a balanced pH has been the biggest help at reducing outbreaks.  As noted, I have type O blood and my system is crazy acidic.  I will hunt for the cause of that later, but for now I am using baking soda to maintain a pH neutral system between 7.4 and 7.6.

I was outbreak free for about 1 week and then I did some heavy binge drinking (note: heavy drinking makes you very acidic and alcohol may actually feed Candida).  The very next morning felt like a horse had kicked me in my lower spine, and the following day I had a minor outbreak.  I took 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in water 3 times that day and the outbreak resided.  It truely works wonders.  Again, at this point I am focusing on eliminating intestinal Candida/Fungus from my system before I attempt to kill herpes with MMS.  This is because MMS and Iodine cause massive diarrhea when there is fungus present.

Now, for some history.  Leave it up to your humble narrator to always go overboard.  When I heard about an alkaline system I tried a little baking soda, it didn’t hurt, so I then went crazy and was taking 1 tsp (3x) and my pH was well above 8.0.  When I tested my urine with the pH strip it was dark, dark blue.  During this time I also caught a cold or bacterial infection in my lungs and the more baking soda I took the worse off I got.  Whether it was a herx reaction or a bacteria I do not know.  I also started getting lots of muscle twitching and feeling very light headed.  So, I stopped the baking soda for a few days until my urine was acidic again and then started ramping up slowly.  I will take 1/4 tsp of baking soda (2x) to attempt to keep my pH between 7.4 and 7.6.  If I’m going to drink or eat a lot of carbohydrates I may take more.



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  1. I am curious–have you tried achieving an alkaline system with mostly diet? I traded my oatmeal & honey for brown rice cereal with maple syrup, traded my wheat pasta for seminola, and made a big pot of cabbage soup. I’ve found the cabbage soup to be especially alkalizing (so the pH strips say), and you avoid the digestive problems of using antacids. Even with all the detox and stuff you are doing, you might just be eating too many foods that produce acid in your body. All the online sources have conflicting points about which foods produce acid, but they’re all in agreement about most grains, even oatmeal, and even natural peanut butter–which *was* my favorite breakfast.

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