Bulletproof Coffee

Great, I’ve found another bio-hacker who is driven to change the norm. Dave Asprey over at bulletproofexec.com has optimized the low-carb diet and figured out a great way to get large amounts of coconut oil into the system with his bulletproof coffee. We know coconut oil is the foundation for all great herpes and candida killing substances like monolaurin, lauric acid, caprylic acid, and yet to be discovered substances.

Some research indicates that Alzheimer’s is caused by a herpes virus. The brain produces plaque in response to the virus, they know this because they blocked plaque production and patients got much worse. When they analyzed the plaque they found herpes DNA. And, when patients take coconut oil and MCT (medium chain triglyceride) oil their Alzheimer’s symptoms lessen.

I have been doing my modified bulletproof mocha (good coffee, spoonful coconut oil, dark chocolate, agave syrup, and pat of grass fed butter blended with a small milk frother – Ikea $0.89) for about 3 weeks and I can actually skip a day or 3 of Valtrex (500mg). Remember, there was a time when I couldn’t even think about missing a day of 1000mg of Valtrex without getting symptoms.

I still have symptoms, but they are so minor that ‘I have herpes’ is not the first thought in my head every morning. A little back/butt pain, occasional leg pain, and some very rare shaft pain, but again, it is minor.

If something does act up I hit it with calcium, MSM, and omega-3. This is also how bulletproof coffee works, coffee has sulfur, just like MSM, which breaks the omega/coconut oil down to be used by the body to transport the calcium through the body which helps transport oxygen.

What might be helping here besides the benefits of the coconut oil is the fact that the liver is being stimulated regularly and purging it’s waste. I can’t say for sure, but life is pretty good these days. I’m not cured and I doubt I will find a cure, but my forced journey into health, cleansing, nutrition, pH balancing, parasites, and everything else has been interesting to say the least. Who knows, I may live to be an active 120.

However, I am proceeding on bulletproof with caution, the last thing I need is to have open-heart surgery with blocked arteries. Ensure you read bulletproofexec.com with the same depth you read this blog and understand the WHY, not just the WHAT. Dave Asprey and I understand our systems because we have been hacking for extended periods and are in tune with our bodies and know how to push and when to pull back. Years of cleansing also allow my body to take extreme treatments with minor side-effects so I may assume they are harmless. However, a newbie may try something and have such a violent Herx they end up in the hospital. It makes me think of Jeff Goldblum in Jurassic Park – wisdom is incredibly powerful, make sure you have the proper knowledge and understanding to wield it.

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