Tie the pieces together

I may finally be tying it all together.



Thymidine Kinase

Phosphorylation and Phosphatase


What all of this says is that Acyclovir uses phosphates to inhibit viral replication.

Image of Acyclovir inhibiting viral replication: http://escholarship.org/uc/item/2vz9c4hz/vistmech.jpeg

As noted much earlier a Calcium pump is used for Herpes to enter/exit a cell so more calcium ions eject herpes and fewer calcium allow herpes to enter.  However, Calcium and Acid (H+) suck up available phosphates (Calcium Phosphate).  In essence, Herpes has hacked its way around nature so that it can enter cells and not be stopped.

I have been using Calcium to throttle and stop Herpes outbreaks, but I have not been adding neutralized phosphates.  I have begun adding Phosphoric Acid  (20 drops) and baking soda (1/8 tsp.) into the mix and alternating in Calcium weekly by stopping phosphates for a day, then taking calcium for a day, waiting a day, then starting phosphates.  I have just begun (12/7/13) and will post findings, but so far so good.

WARNING: Kidney stones are often Calcium Phosphate so I am drinking plenty of water while attempting this and attempting to avoid overlapping Calcium and Phosphates treatments.



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  1. I think you are missing a few key elements here. There is a relationship between vitamin k, magnesium, vitamin d and calcium. Basically all 4 of those vitamins help each other out in a delecate balance. So if you don’t have enough of one there could be a difficiency or less absorbtion with another. Also vitamin k especially k2 (mk4 or mk7) help make sure the calcium goes to the right places instead of hardening your artieries and causing problems.

    Also have you heard of supplementing with lithium oritate and sellenium?

    There is a doctor in Germany that created a new set up hyper absorbing vitamins for magnesium and calcium chelated with oritate and 2 aep. Dr hans neiper I think it could help immensely since it is absorbed by the cell wayyy better than regular calcium celate

    Very interesting, I’m just getting into Vitamin K, Boron, and Selenium. I’ll keep digging.

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