Most critical herpes cure – learn about real nutrition and epigenetics

These are my recommendations after 11 years of fighting herpes:

  1. Go gluten free and reduce gluten as much as possible
    1. If you have glue in your stomach, you can’t absorb nutrients – remember making glue/paste with flour and water as a kid?
    2. Gluten causes a contact “rash” and scarring in your gut and there are fewer villi and less surface area to absorb nutrients.
    3. It is a “fad” with serious scientific backing, learn about gluten
  2. Eliminate Candida in your gut and body
    1. Herpes and Candida have a symbiotic relationship and work hand in hand to keep you unhealthy.  Herpes, Candida, and Tuberculosis all have a harmonic frequency of 1552 Hz (Study the work of Royal Rife and Rife technologies)
  3. Probiotics
    1. A majority of your nutrients come from bacteria breaking down food.
    2. Probiotics attack and displace Candida and bad bacteria
  4. Get lots of clean water and sunshine
  5. I have two “Holy Trinity” supplement blends that stop herpes in its tracks when you are having an outbreak
    1. Pau ‘D Arco, Olive Leaf, and enteric coated Oregano Oil
      1. This is a powerful anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral combination.  It attacks herpes and candida and makes it go dormant.
    2. Calcium & Potassium, MSM, and Omega-3
      1. A modification on the Budwig Protocol
      2. MSM breaks down Omega-3 oil
      3. Omega-3 carries Calcium and Oxygen to the cells
      4. Calcium pushes herpes out of the cell and herpes pushes calcium out of the cell.  (Study the Calcium or Potassium Pump)
      5. Electrolytes and trace minerals in general are a very good thing.
  6. If possible, use Valtrex (acyclovir)
    1. Acyclovir uses phosphorylation to deactivate the virus inside the cell
  7. Epigenetics – learn about it, this is the future of healthcare.
    1. Your genes are designed to process certain nutrients in a certain way, but nutrients in your food are going the way of the Dodo Bird (extinct).
    2. Learn about your genome and which nutrients you really need to focus on to make your genes and proteins operate in the most effective way possible.
      1. – proceed with caution as Sergey Brin’s (founder of Google) wife Anne Wojcicki owns 23andme.  They can literally link your genetics to your web browsing behavior.  With new CRISPR gene editing technology we can literally design a virus that will kill you and only you or even you and your entire bloodline.  It is a Catch-22, great information, but information can always be used for evil.
  8. Nucca Chiropractic (
    1. If your spine and nerves can’t properly communicate with your body to produce the proper signals and feedback loops you are fighting a losing battle
    2. A “regular chiropractor” who pops your neck and spine is like modern medicine that treats the symptoms and not the cause.  A dislocated atlas is the cause of a crooked, unhealthy spine – fix the atlas and fix your neck, spine, shoulders, and hips.
  9. Watch these videos and see if you come to some of the same conclusions I have.

The future is here and gene editing is a reality:






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